Goodbye 2013

Well another year has come to an end and while nothing overly dramatic happened I feel like a lot has changed.

The family is still doing really good - mom and dad are ticking right along. Grandma's pushing 104 and still as cantankerous as ever. Sissy and BIL seem to be getting along better than ever, while little man seems to be in more trouble than ever. He still loves to fish more than anyone I've ever seen, but is starting to get into the typical tech gadgets video games that kids are into today.

Boyfriend and I are still together and still making things work. Not going to say that there haven't been some problems this year but we've gotten through them.

Good news is that he found his son - he hasn't seen Trevor since he was 3 weeks old. Still hasn't managed to talk to Trevor but did find out he is a grandfather. And let me tell you that's put a new spin on sex - I never thought I'd be doing a grandfather.

Work has changed a lot for me in the past year - I'm working from home now and while that has a lot of perks (like wearing pajamas every night) there are some downfalls. I get really OCD about my work area - like beyond beyond anything I've done before. Everything has a place and must be set up a certain way. I get overly emotional if any one bothers it at all. Like even if I get flowers just having them on my desk a kind of sorts bugs me, because I'm not used to having them there.

I'm still living in my Magic Lamp with the BF & Divo pup, but we added a little black kitten in July. His name is Ebil Minion. Yeah - I think I jinxed myself naming him that cause he is pure ebil! Nah, really he is a lovebug kitten truly he is (stop laughing BF) but no longer tiny. This kitten is humongous! And he is not done growing yet.

The entire family went to Florida this year and had a most amazing time. BF was beyond flabbergasted - I took him Magic Kingdom for his birthday and then we all went to Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and SeaWorld. I think it was a dream come true for a guy who has never done anything like that. He was like a kid in a candystore.

Shining star and her family are still in my life and I see them at least once a month. While other friendships have faded. I think some of those changes are for the best because they were never really true friendships. And I've made new friends this year which is amazing to me. I want to try to implement a monthly dinner and game night with my friends. And more frequent girls night out (or rather in because we generally stay at the lamp).

As for 2014 I'm sure there's going to be a lot of changes made. We are probably going to be doing some Magic Lamp remodeling - so keep an eye out for that project. The witchy side of me is wanting to come out a little bit more so be on the lookout for some new rituals and possibly even a study plan. Kind of like a Wiccan 101. Since little man is letting me pack bento again expect to see more of those. I've been reading alot more so book reviews will be up and since boyfriend is a movie junkie we will probably start seeing a lot more movies so that means movie reviews.

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