Book: An Unlikely Witch

Debora Geary
Witchy Fiction
Fireweed Publishing Ltd / December 2013
Series A Modern Witch #14

A toddler and a snowman.

Everyone in Witch Central knows about Jamie Sullivan's precog vision. The one he saw when he first laid eyes on the woman who would one day be his wife.

Now Nat and Jamie have it all. A fiery, adorable daughter, the kind of marriage that lasts to forever and beyond, and deep roots in the love, antics, and magic of Witch Central's leading family.

Those parts of the vision have all come true. All that is missing is one small boy with dancing eyes.

And all the magic in the universe can't seem to make him real.

An Imperfect Witch is book two of the Witch Central series, set in the bestselling, well-loved world of A Modern Witch.

I picked this book up because Series, Baby!

What I liked the Most? The love that this book is full of

What I liked the Least? Honestly, nothing.

Review: OMG, the central theme of this just simply tore me up. I have fertility issues and so I know what Nat is going through. The agonizing wait for that stupid test strip to change colors and either lift you up or devastate you. I have been so devastated, and seeing Nat go through it, just broke my heart. But the love that shines through the whole community.

And OMG - the dream gift idea that the triplets set in motion. I so want to do this next year!

Warning: You need a box of tissue on hand - there will be tears!

Yes these books are mostly light reads but they are extremely powerful. The love, friendship, and open door policy of the characters make you wish these were your friends and family. I love stories that tug at my heart. This book definitely delivers!!

Recommended to: Everyone, but you really need to read the series :)

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