Joe's Crab Shack

Okay, so yes it was my sissy's birthday, but with all the other hoopla going on, she didn't want to go out tonight (Family dinner night is tomorrow night) but I decided I have to get crabs. No not *THAT* kind lol. The kind you eat, with garlic butter, and potatoes. Yum!! We set out kinda late, and when we got there they were jamming!!! Guess that's what I get for going out on Tax Refund weekend :) Anywho, Bunny doesn't usually have a problem hanging at the bar while waiting for a table, so that is what we did.

I told the bartender to surprise me with a drink - just sitting up same basic boundaries: tequila or rum, you pick. What I got was a superly superly sweet tie dye drink. It was good, but OMG was it sweet. Sweet enough to give you a cavity.

So then BF saw this dude pick up a Shark Bite from the bar & he asked for a shark. Had to snap a pic & send it to LM with the note OMG James caught a shark too!

Finally got a table (almost an hour later) but it's all good cause we were having fun at the bar. I ordered appies & got the crab & spinach dip platter cause BF don't eat NO SEAFOOD. Yeah I know why are we at Joe's then right, cause I LOVE it, that's why. FYI, if you have a Power Card from one of the local schools, the appetizer is free so why not splurge a bit.

Then the main course shows up and it is HEAVENLY! I'm never had a problem with the food here.

All in all it was a date that I would repeat, but next time I'm staying at the bar. Our waitress was a bit of a spazz and TOOK forever to come back to our table with anything. I just really don't appreciate having my appies & main show at the same time, especially when the Manager shows up and basically says that she put the order in backwards.

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