Holy torpedoes Batman - Fayetteville got snow - I mean actual snow twice in one year. I just have a hard time seeing that, but we did!

So any way, this morning started off a little off any way. BF & I had to drive to Cape Fear Crematory to handle things for his mother's death and while we were out - it started snowing. I mean seriously snow snowing. So when we got home we took the critters out in it to see their responses.

Divo kept trying to take off to see Mom's little babies

And Ebil thought it was a new toy!

But my favorite memory of that day
A snow covered kiss!

But this was a close 2nd - Lucas being pulled around the yard on a sled - his Mom & Dad getting out there and having a grand old time with him. It does my heart good to see both of them out there making memories with that little boy!

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