Daily Rituals to Show Gratitude

a. Have a big glass jar where you see it often. Each time something of pleasure, or good fortune happens in your life, drop a penny or a pebble into the jar. Another pretty idea would be to use those glass pebbles that are sold for use in fish tanks. You will see your 'good fortune' building up.

b. Have a special calendar with large squares for the days and put on a special sticker when the good things occur. This could be a gold star or a red heart, or any other symbol you feel appropriate.

c. Prepare a thank-you candle. This could be a very large white candle and you could also mark it with a rune, eg Gebo which is an X. This would represent the joyful exchange of energies between the Self and the Universe.

d. Leave an offering to Gaia or Her creatures by sprinkling cornflour, grain or bird seed on the ground.

e. If you like beading you could also make a necklace and/or bracelet by adding a bead to a cord for each positive event

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