DLP: A Bird

So this entry was completed using:
 Strathmore Watercolor paper, 
The Fine Touch gouache paints, 
Black Tombow ABT N15 Marker

I really didn't want to do this challenge
I'm not a fan of birds - must be that Hitchcock movie :)
So anyway I was reading A Reckless Witch
and this little bird/saying popped in my head.
I stomped my feet & whined, but then finally relented to giving it 15 minutes.
Sketched out the basic shape of a bird.
Smudge some paint on the paper (I started with the rose of the top wing)
and just feathered it out (haha - there's a joke in there somewhere)
Then I did the purple, and 2 shades of blue using the same strokes.
Added a beak, washed the paper with yellow because I don't like white backgrounds.
Once it dried, added a few lines details & the "quote" with the marker.

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