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Wahoo! I got interviewed by a reporter for the paper. Here's a link to the actual article, but I copied it below. :)

Cherry Hargrove has experienced discrimination based on her size.
She's a plus-sized woman, and she knows other women can relate. That's why she has organized a Plus-Sized Women's Expo on Saturday at the Crown Expo Center.
The daylong event features entertainment, health and beauty vendors, a fashion show and other activities that celebrate the plus-sized woman.
"Our organization would like these women to come together and celebrate who they are," said Hargrove, president of Plus Sized Women Inc., a nonprofit organization that promotes awareness about women of all shapes and sizes. Hargrove is a designer from New York.
She said young girls are bullied in school every day about their size, so the event has included children's activities to help children feel more confident with their size and to meet other girls.
The expo will have superheroes and a plus-sized Disney Princess for children.
"The program was started to encourage women and little girls to embrace their size," said Hargrove. "We would like the community to embrace these women."
Discrimination happens to plus-sized people in many ways, Hargrove said. For example, some airlines have a policy requiring passengers to buy an extra seat if they're unable to fit in one seat comfortably.
Wendy Graham of Fayetteville can relate. She is a plus-sized woman and said she has experienced discrimination because of her size.
"I have been discriminated against by someone commenting on my size, while taking a Zumba class at a gym," said Wendy Graham, who plans to attend the event. "My hope is that this event will help change the way of thinking toward plus- sized women."
Hargrove said Fayetteville is a great place to present the expo because the community has diverse demographics. There is also an opportunity for participants to make new friends, while taking part in the activities.
"I feel this is going to be an uplifting event for plus-sized women," said Graham. "I'm so happy to see the community coming together to bring women of different sizes a sense of hope and opportunity."

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