Bonefish Grill

Okay, so BF knows me really well & tonight he asked out on a date. Then he did the surprising thing, he offered up a place to go. He is usually like where do you want to go, and never EVER makes a suggestion. Tonight he is hey, let's try Bonefish Grill (not something I would suggest with him cause he HATES seafood), it's something different & you said you wanted crab cakes. 

To start off - I am abso amazed by the way this place looks. It is simply stellar, like for Fayetteville, the look is like a 8.5. Now, I know this is a chain restaurant, but it is like high class for our not so little town. I loved the wait staff uniforms, a real class touch. 

To start out with they bring you fresh bread & dipping oil (didn't get a picture of that before BF dug in) and the menu is extensive but leans very heavy towards seafood. We did locate one appetizer that was beef based so we decided to split an order of Ginger Beef Dumplings and they were beyond anything I've had before (and I'm not just saying that).

My only complaint, salads were not included with the meal, but I just had to have the strawberry spinach salad (I'm addicted) and I loved the take on cheese - it is breaded and fried, so when you break open one of these delectable little balls you get gooey cheese. Mmmm, yummy!

My dinner was Maryland Crab Cakes with potatoes au gratin & whatever that stuff in the upper left corner is (I didn't like it), the crab cakes were perfect - just a little on the spicy side and fried to perfection, full of big chunky pieces of crab meat. Yum!

As previously stated BF doesn't eat seafood, so he decided on the Kobe Burger with home made chips. According to him, it is the best hamburger he's ever eaten. 

We don't usually get dessert, but both of us were dying to try the strawberry short cake and it was heaven!!!!

All in all - I definitely recommend this restaurant and TBH can't wait to go back! 

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