Witchy Weekly Update

Saturday 3-22

Getting some quality time with myself tonight, while I sit with GM. Not wanting to work on art just yet. I'll get around to it :) Well I did end up doing the DLP challenge with the chopped up magazines.

  • Song ~ Happy by Pharrell
  • Outfit ~ Black sweat pants & pink cami tank
  • Bento/Meal ~ Bonefish Grill
  • Book ~ An Imperfect Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ Diners, Dive Ins & Dives
  • Art ~ Scrapbooking, DLP, & thinking about witch journal

  • Well today was another long day! Got off work at 10am, tried to take a nap but BF was making too much noise with his POTD right outside the bedroom window, so I ended up going down and spending some time with the fam. Ended up getting in a battle royal with the neffie cause he wanted me to cast a spell to bring Pokemon into the real world. I mean as if. Great to know he has such faith in me, but come on now dude, Pokemon????

    I did end up getting 2 pairs of pages prepped in my witch journal & then the BF hits me hey let's go on a date. Now we go out all the time, but he seldom actually says let's go out on a date, instead he'll say let's go eat. And to top that off ----- He suggested a restaurant and if that wasn't enough Mr I Hate Seafood volunteered Bonefish Grill. Ahmazing!!

    And if seafood were not enough, it was bookstore time!!!  Bad news - I crashed as soon as we got home.

    Sunday 3-23

    Up at 3am to finish the scrapbook off, make up the menu plan & grocery list. Did a bit of cleaning as well. Took a short nap around 7am, went to the parents for a long (well deserved) soak in the tub with coconut creme scented bubbles (its heaven I tell you), then was ready to go when BF got off work at 10am. Grocery shopping was completed in record time, then I fed my boys sausage & french toast (I was good & had scrambled eggs). Then its time for another nap.

  • Song ~ Coward of the County by Kenny Rogers
  • Outfit ~ Sweat pants, skull tank, and silver underlay
  • Bento/Meal ~ Breakfast was the only thing I ate today
  • Book ~ An Unlikely Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 14 The Tower
  • Art ~ Abstract Art/touched up Witch in the Wild cover

  • Missed Family Dinner night due to being unable to take a nap and once I did get to sleep I was out like a light, I did make it up to get to LM's bento made, GM's for OUAT, then back to my little lamp to get ready for work. Then packed up all my crafty gear & headed to work.

    Monday 3-24

    OMG - I am devastated & heart broken, my art journal is totally ruined and I don't even know how to start over again. I went to pull it out to work on DLP week 13 (include someone else's art) and discovered that Ebil had been evil and sprayed my art journal beyond all belief.

    Off work & headed out shopping with my favoritist squirrel friend Shining Star. We did it up right! Shopping at Torrid, trying on all kinds of crazy outfits. Then lunch out at Bonefish Grill, where the Fish & Chips were abso amazing, but the truly spectacular item was the Ultimate Dip. OMG, this stuff should be illegal it is so num num nummy! After lunch we went to Hobby Lobby to look for some creative endeavors to partake it. I got some more paper & a stamp set while SS picked up some stationary.

    And then because no good girlfriend date is complete without it we grabbed coffee :) A long night followed by a fun yet long day, makes for a very tired me, so I'm headed to bed - night all!

  • Song ~ Knocking on Heaven's Door by Guns & Roses
  • Outfit ~ Black shorts & polkie dotted cami tank & hoodie!!!
  • Bento/Meal ~ Chicken wings
  • Book ~ 
  • TV ~ Random art vids
  • Art ~ Abstract Art/touched up Witch in the Wild cover

  • Oh boy, getting up and happy about the evening ahead!

    Tuesday 3-25

    Whoa Boy!!! I'm exhausted tonight, feeling a bit better about the art disaster, but still fragged about it. SS sent me a text this morning that has me freaked & worried. Argh! WTF are these kids thinking? Off work and sooooooo ready for bed. I'm gonna pop a pill & call it a night.

  • Song ~ One of the Boys by Katy Perry
  • Outfit ~ hot pink jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ Steak & Salad
  • Book ~ An Unlikely Witch by Debora Geary
  • TV ~ RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 episode 5 Snatch Game
  • Art ~ Just Be from the Whimsical Lettering Group

  • OMG, that is soooooo what I needed. Sleep, Sleep, Sleep. Only downside - chicken didn't thaw so we ended up with Chinese food for dinner.

    Wednesday 3-26

    Ready for an easy night at work. But doesn't look like I'm gonna get that. PTB evidently stuck me on a new level of calls & forgot to tell me that I was playing back up on that queue. Really?!?!?! I don't mind working, I don't really mind talking to people, but could you PLEASE let me know before you screw with my levels?

    Off work (finally) and had to take the Momma to Walmart to buy all the stuff for the extended Easter Baskets. OMG - I've got to make 23 freaking baskets this year, did you see that number 23. And that is not even counting the ones for like GM, Anna, Dad, or Lucas. *sigh*

  • Song ~ Can't Take Me Home by Pink
  • Outfit ~ B&W stripped shirt & black leggings/jeans & torrid partially see through skull T 
  • Bento/Meal ~ Beef & Broccoli
  • Book ~ nothing really
  • TV ~ NCIS & Art Journal Vids
  • Art ~ just watching art bids trying to get into it!

  • Woke up a little late, but still in plenty of time to get dinner cooked. Ebil started going nuts and when I went to check Cat-Cat was hanging about out front. So I picked him up, called BF and asked what he wanted to do. Well when he comes over Bull in a China shop style carrying a really big cage Cat-Cat freaks and runs away (I would have too).

    Thursday 3-27

    Somewhat slow & steady at work tonight, gave me time to get the witch journal coated, finish the B&W project, and slowly but surely get the blog in shape.

    Off work & the plan was to go to bed (I forgot today was Thursday & I should have gone grocerying for GM oops) but instead ended up at the store with BF. He got me a couple of items I said I needed (fixative, glue stick, etc) to treat me for being me :) Then we went to lunch.

  • Song ~  When I Grow Up by PCD
  • Outfit ~ Leggings & strippy shirt/grey sweater & jeans
  • Bento/Meal ~ Chicken & Mushrooms in cream sauce
  • Book ~ Concealed in Death by JD Robb
  • TV ~  Survivor 
  • Art ~ Black & White; background for a Witch Journal page

  • I don't wanna wake up!!!! Even if I do want to start on my art projects, I don't wanna wake up. And the gross thing is, had to clean out Bucky ears tonight and that my friends is a really stinky messy project!!!

    Friday 3-28

    I got Happy Mail today!!!!! I'm so excited! I am blown away by all the cute little things Diana included in the envelope (hand made FYI)

    Let's see, what am I doing tonight while I'm working:  prepping the Gratitude journal (post to follow), working with my Witch In the Wild journal, sorting & categorizing all the new goodies I got.

    Off work & headed out and about with the BF. He's got an appointment with the financial department at the hospital dealing with his mother's death in February and didn't want to go alone. I get shorted on sleep, but he is the most important thing in dealing with this.

  • Song ~ Don't Happen Twice by Kenny Chesney
  • Outfit ~ black cami & vixen 
  • Bento/Meal ~ crock pot roast beef
  • Book ~ Concealed in Death by JD Robb
  • TV ~ random vids
  • Art ~ Gratitude journal prep work/How to stay Witchy  

  • Well I would love to stay up and chat but I'm on with GM tonight so I'm off to bed!

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