Casual Jack's and a surprise

So BF wanted to go on a date date today
(gotta love our weird schedules, most of our dates are lunch dates)
So I got up & got dressed
and we headed to Casual Jack's.

Now we've been here before & have found simply
the friendliest servers in town
and really good food.

Today was no different on that aspect.

I started our meal off with an X-Rated Flirtini
Must say this is not one of my top 10 beverages.
It had a very bitter bite to it that I did not enjoy.

For the starter, BF wanted Bacon Cheese Fries
and OMG these were about perfect!
Crispy fries loaded with cheese & bacon.
Served with ranch dressing.
Simply yummy!

For my meal I chose the Butcher's Cut Ribeye medium rare.
It comes with Garlic Mashed Potatoes - uh YUMMINESS
I could totally nom nom nom an entire bowl of these.
But I was massively disappointed with the veggies - they were ugh!

BF got the Steak & Ribs with fries and baked beans.
According to him one of the bestest plates he's had out in awhile.

Then the surprise.
We've been dating for 3 years 3 months
and while we have discussed possibly getting married in the 
future we've never really talked about it.
Today he surprises me with this:
an engagement ring!