Drag Queen of Comedy

Mini Challenge: The mini-challenge this week involved the queens decorating their chins to perform a lip-sync number upside down. Joslyn wins the challenge and is given the task of deciding the order that the queens will perform in this week's main challenge.

Comedy show & Runway rolled into one:
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ 
    • Show ~ wow big gurl got some humor, "at the gym I'm a ninja (wait for it) you will never see me there" priceless!!! 
    • Look ~ I love the hair - gurl has got some fantabulous wigs let me tell you, but the paint job contours were a little harsh, and that dress - OMG, no.
  • Courtney Act ~
    • Show ~ Play to your strengths gurl, she turned it into a singing competition, but the jokes on her, cause that song just wasn't funny. "I wanna look fishy, not smell fishy"
    • Look ~ While she is always fishy, tonights outfit of choice was a little trashy. 
  • Adore Delano ~ 
    • Show ~ ohhh gurl, you should have toned down the cussing & maybe have left out the "my grandmother is a whore" joke
    • Look ~ WTF is she wearing? I'm getting confused with her look, paint was decent, but the white liner has got to go!
  • Ben De La Creme ~ 
    • Show ~ oh, the humor fell flat, so flat that she got one old lady knitting & then heckled by an old guy & basically ran off the stage.
    • Look ~ OMG, I am loving this pin up look. I want this body & paint & outfit. Stunning!!
  • Laganja Estranja ~ 
    • Show ~ Oh yeah, another queen biting the dust with the humor "I like to smoke" ain't winning no oldies over to your cause baby girl. She bombed, but not quite as bad as my DeLa.
    • Look ~ WTF were you thinking????? I mean seriously, that tutu is a no no and so is that wig!
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ 
    • Show ~ Ah-mazing! "Get up, get on your feet." "Good times poor" for someone who is not a confident queen, she totally rocked this challenge! She even had Bianca loling!
    • Look ~ I'm still getting boy in a dress, but at least this look was mostly pulled together, but do yourself a favor & toss that wig, it does nothing for you!
  • Joslyn Fox ~ 
    • Show ~ "Oh look a rhinestone" - gurl, if you had kept up the ADHD bit, you would have totally rocked this challenge!
    • Look ~ Ok, now I know Courtney called you a low rent version of herself, but DAMN lady, you didn't have to paint yourself ugly just to get away from that label. 
  • Bianca Del Rio ~
    • Show ~ I am truly beginning to see this humor queen as being the over all winner of the whole damn season. She is just soooooo polished & perfect & freaking HIGH-larious! "I'll show you versatility when Santino wins a sewing competition and Michelle Visage wears a turtleneck!"
    • Look ~ perfection! Simply perfection, make up, hair, dress - I love it. Perfect set closer.

Challenge Winner: Bianca Del Rio (shoo in lit*er*al*ly) A one-of-a-kind gown designed by Marco Marco

Bottom Two: Laganja Estranja & Joselyn Fox
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Stupid Girls" by P!nk

Eliminated: Laganja Estranja "xoxo, Ganja!"

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