Glamazon by Colorevolution

Mini-Challenge: Bedazzle your hands and then model fruits/vegetables, with Laganja being named the winner. FYI, she scored more screen time in the commerical.

Main Challenge:  Commercialize this bey-tch!

The ladies were divided into teams of 2 by RuPaul himself:

  • The Mean Girls aka Spoiled Teen ~ Adore & Laganja ~ "Whoever said beauty is on the inside - is ugly" perfect dead pan Adore, but I'm sorry was Laganja in the commercial? This team didn't read as a team, it felt like Adore pulled Laganja threw it.
  • Hot Mommas aka Stay At Home Mom ~ Courtney & Joslyn ~ messy messy messy
  • Working Girls aka Hooker to CEO ~ Bianca & Trinity ~ stitches! these 2 had me in stitches! I wanna rush right out and buy the makeup so I can totally be working girl pretty :)
  • Cougar Power aka Haggard Old Bitches ~ Ben & Darienne ~ 2 words for you, HOT MESS

Runway Realness: Black & White
  • Adore Delano ~ this whole freaking look is a godawful mess! Looks off the rack and messy trashy
  • Ben De La Creme ~ OMG, this look is evil queen stunning! And wowser, she has the perfect figure in this look.
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Oh my! I am loving the Cruella inspired hair, simply gorg!!! Totally fashion forward and amazing! 
  • Courtney Act ~ servant elegance
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ uhm, while a stunning dress it is a little too big on top, makes her look bigger
  • Joslyn Fox ~ her body is hot hot hot, but didn't the judges just read you about not wearing clothes on the runway
  • Laganja Estranja ~ WTF?!?! the judges keep nailing Ben (and Milk) about wearing costumes or being too costumey, but Laganja comes out in the worst piece of crap EVER and no real read - get real!!!
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ Still looking like a boy in a dress, but at least this dress was STUNNING on her
FYI, Leah Remini & Michelle Visage were PRICELESS together!!! I so want her to take Santino's place, he offers NOTHING to the show.

Challenge Winner: Adore & Laganja ~ Lather skin care products

Bottom Two: Ben DeLa Creme & Darienne Lake
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Point of No Return" by Expose

Eliminated: Neither!!! Good call Ru!!! I would have just died if you sent Ben home before Darienne (especially considering that Darienne totally flopped the challenge)

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