Oh No She Betta Don't!

Mini-Challenge: The library is open because reading is fundamental!

Oh gurl there were some good ones, but the winners is Darienne Lake (and I don't see it)

Main Challenge:  Hip Hop Video
The ladies were divided into 2 groups the Ru Tang Clan (Joslyn, Bianca, Trinity & Milk) and the Panty Hos (Adore, Bianca, Courtney, & Darienne) and had to write lyrics to Oh No She Betta Don't 90s style rap.

All in all, most of the ladies were truly rocking this challenge, but my stand out favorite was indeed Bianca Del Rio - while my least favorite was a toss up between Trinity & Darienne

Runway Realness:
  • Adore Delano ~ uhm WTF was that, crazy outfit & even crayier walk
  • Ben De La Creme ~ Looking a little older, but I love it
  • Bianca Del Rio ~ Always classy on the runway, tonight's look was nothing new but OMG she rocks it
  • Courtney Act ~ she's resting on body ala Carmen, but Carmen does it better
  • Miss Darienne Lake ~ I love that she is a sexy big gurl, but something about this outfit made me go eh, not liking it. The hair & make up was totall gorge!
  • Joslyn Fox ~ OMG that body!!
  • Laganja Estranja ~ not really feeling this metal & chain look, something about the hair to wardrobe looked off
  • Milk ~ looking femme for a change
  • Trinity K. Bonet ~ Flower power & I loved this look
Challenge Winner: Adore (totally not agreeing with this win Ru!) Collection of custom-made jewelry

Bottom Two: Milk & Trinity
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "Whatta Man" by Salt N Pepa

Eliminated: Milk (is expired and I am sooooo upset about this) "It's Milkin' time! ♡ you girls! Big + scary forever (drawing of cow udders)"

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