OUAT Challenge: Favorite Male Character

Hands down Hook is my favorite male character. 

I just adore everything about him, from the very start he's held a special place in my heart.
I love his devil may care but I do care attitude.
I love that he's been nothing but truly honest (maybe not entirely
honest but truly honest) character in this show.
He knows what he wants, and while he doesn't often share his
underlying motives, he does have a clear path & plan to 
getting what he wants.

Even when that looks completely unattainable.


  1. Popping over from Effy's blog-along. Saw this post and thought i'd chime in.I have to concur, Hook is one of my favorite male characters as well. I've always had a tendency to lean more toward the bad boy types anyway. I also really love Grumpy. He's like a crotchety old uncle who acts completely miserable, but is really just an old softy. Who's your least favorite male character? Looking forward to following you. (((HUGS)))

  2. Hi Kimberly :)

    I'm late to the party with this challenge but I just started blogging again after an extensive break. It's all good, I'm just enjoying myself.

    I agree with you about the bad boy phenom, my favorite fellas are (in order) Hook, Rumple, Neal & then Robin Hood. I love Grumpy cause he reminds me of one of my uncles.

    Least favorite of the recurring cast - Charming, he's totally smarmy, but my all time least favorite male - Peter Pan. There was something quite icky about his entire stay on the show. How about your least favorite?