OUAT Challenge: Least Favorite Female Character

This was a true toss up for me, but overall
I have to say Aurora is the weakest female of the entire
show & I literally can not like
anything about her.

And that was before she sold the entire Storybrooke posse
out to the Wicked Witch.


  1. Oh crud, I should have caught up on OUAT before coming over here. :D

    I *love* your blog! I love the look of it and all the visuals and the colors. What a delightful place to visit! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog so I knew to come over to yours. :)

    And just so I'm not commenting on every darned thing...I agree about Peter Pan. I'm not quite sure what I wanted out of him, but he just isn't quite right.

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Sorry if I gave any spoilers :) And thank you for visiting & your kind words. I love having people stop by.

    He just rubbed me the wrong way from the beginning & Peter Pan is one of my favorite storybook characters. So I was willing to put up with *ALOT* from him.