Witchy Week

Saturday 3-29

OMG - I am so freaking tired tonight. I got exactly 1.5 hours of sleep today due to staying up so late helping BF with some left over drama from his Mom's death. I know he needed the help but that doesn't mean that I am not tired tonight. Worked on my gratitude journal for a while already this evening.

  • Song ~ Stuck Like Glue by Sugarland
  • Outfit ~ Jeans, White crystal T 
  • Bento/Meal ~ Hamburgers
  • Book ~ no reading today - I totally vegged
  • TV ~ no TV today
  • Art ~ Momma Love, prepping Gratitude Journal

  • I'm loving today. I got to spend time with my SS and support my Sissy's school by attending the Quarter Craze. It was a lot of fun to do something totally different and out there. Just the kind of event that I am always looking for. :) We had some laughs, won some stuff, and in general it was a wonderful girls night out.

    After the auction/raffle SS & I went back to the magic lamp to hang for a bit, because it was storming up a monsoon & she HATES to drive in the rain. We had fun just hanging out, drinking coffee, gabbing & cackling! Until the rain stopped & she was able to drive home.

    Sunday 3-30

    Ah sleep - it does a body good :) Woke up not so early, but still before BF got off work. Got the menu plan & grocery list done. As soon as he got off work, we raced to Foodlion to grab up our groceries & groceries for GMs. Then it was back home, put everything up, and fix BLTs for brunch, then it's nap time.

  • Song ~ Sway by PCD
  • Outfit ~ Dare to Dream T & Jeans
  • Bento/Meal ~ Beef & Broccoli
  • Book ~ nadda
  • TV ~ Once Upon A Time Season 3 Episode 15 Quiet Minds
  • Art ~ prepping pages

  • Family dinner was take out Chinese & it was magnificent :) I just love being able to sit at my parents big dining room table & share with my Mom, Dad, Sissy, BIL, LM, & BF. It helps us connect as a unit. Tonight's conversational topics included vacations, staycations, weekcations, day trips & of course birthday parties.

    Monday 3-31

    So not feeling good this morning. I feel like a giant done stomped on me. I hurt from toes to head. Nothing is distracting me from the pain so I called it quits early & went home to bed.

  • Song ~ Live Like You Were Dying by Tim McGraw
  • Outfit ~ 
  • Bento/Meal ~ Beef & Broccoli
  • Book ~ Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • TV ~ Amazing Race (off & on)
  • Art ~ Embellish Your Name, Plant a Garden, and Add a Star

  • Ah, sleep is such a magical thing. I just love to sleep and I'm really good at it.

    Tuesday 4-1 April Fools Day

    OMG - the shade of it all, Reading Challenge on RuPaul was high-larious!

    Off work & ready to have some fun! Going to the craft store for some gel medium. Oops, hold off on the craft store, gonna have coffee with both 18wheels :) 30 minute coffee break turned into 4 hour shopping marathon. (Coffee, Payless, Cato, & then Hobby Lobby) I ended up buying a pair of flip flops, a pair of cargo peddle pushers (so soft & squishy) and a butt load of stuff.

  • Song ~ Remind Me by Brad Paisley
  • Outfit ~ Torrid B/W Tank, yoga pants, shrug
  • Bento/Meal ~ Taco Salad
  • Book ~ Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • TV ~ RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6 episode Oh No She Betta Don't
  • Art ~ Prepping pages

  • YES!!! When I got down to the BH my Scrapbook Warehouse order had come in! I am super excited to play with my Dylusions stuff!

    Wednesday 4-2

    I need more nights like this one, steady enough call volume to keep them from sending anyone home early, but long enough between calls to actually get some art done! My kind of night. :)

  • Song ~ Buttons by PCD
  • Outfit ~ Cute vixen jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ Stir fry
  • Book ~ Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • TV ~ NCIS 
  • Art ~ Coffee

  • Up bright & early (for me), dinner cooked, and already in my office/studio ready for another fun night of work.

    Thursday 4-3

    Well, busy slow night at work, with enough calls to keep you on your toes, but not enough to make you regret coming to work. Got a couple more art projects done!

  • Song ~  Fighter by Christina Aguilera
  • Outfit ~ Yoga pants & Dream shirt
  • Bento/Meal ~ Pork chops & green beans
  • Book ~ Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • TV ~  Survivor, Criminal Minds
  • Art ~ Celebrate & Art Transforms

  • Wahoo! I am loving the happy mail concept.

    Friday 4-4

    Finishing up my 9 hour work shift and then baking a cake for my nephew's 8th birthday party.

  • Song ~ Circus by Britney Spears
  • Outfit ~  Red skull jammies
  • Bento/Meal ~ Coconut Chicken & broccoli
  • Book ~ Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
  • TV ~ Big Bang Theory & (trying to watch) NCIS 
  • Art ~  Hope

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