List It: Top 10 Favorite Drag Contestants on RuPaul's Drag Race

Bianca Del Rio
(Season 6, Winner)

Self proclaimed clown realness super insult star, Bianca Del Rio (Roy Haylock) started off in the New Orleans’ gay entertainment scene in the late 90s. 

Talents include: Rolodex of hate, extreme wit, sewing skills that are out of this world, with make up expertise the house down!

Willam Belli
(Season 4, DQ @ 6th place)

Willam was the queens to beat from the beginning of season four. Until she got DQed for banging her boyfriend. She totally nailed each and every single challenge with style & grace. (Unlike some of the other Queens on her season).

Talents include: singing, dancing, snarkery, and looking like a God Damn Star!

Ben DeLa Creme
(Season 6, 5th place/Miss Congeniality)

Alyssa Edwards
(Season 5, 6th place)

Chad Michaels
(Season 4, Runner Up/All Stars, Winner)

Chad is utter and complete perfection, killing the runway over and over (even her so called “safe” outfits were head & shoulders above some of the other looks). And she proved to be a wild comedienne in the main challenges (think Wrestling Challenge, Presidential Debate Up Do, or TBH CHER at Snatch Game.

Ivy Winters
(Season 5, 6th place/Miss Congeniality)

Beyond this queen lover not a fighter demeanor, how does one choose a favorite outfit between the Finding Nemo orange number; the red hand stitched number, the photograph dress or her stilted butterfly goddess?

Latrice Royale
(Season 4, 4th place/Miss Congeniality/All Stars Team Elimination 3)

Everyone should live their lives by “The Gospel According to Latrice Royale”. A fierce Queen and a smart Queen who gave us such goodies as: “Five Gs Please: Good God, Get a Grip Girl;” “BITCH: Being In Total Control of Herself;” “Jesus is a biscuit, let him sop you up;” and “No T, no shade,” just to name a few. 

Manila Luzon
(Season 3, Runner Up/All Stars Team Elimination 3)

Every walk down that runway was totally tailored to the theme of the week. And she is funny!!!

Nina Flowers
(Season 1, Runner Up/Miss Congeniality/All Stars Team Elimination 2)

Tammie Brown
(Season 1, 8th place/All Stars Team Elimination 2)

Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent—Tammie has it all, and in every colour too!

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