Creating My Sacred (Working) Space

When I started working from home (doing the same job just no longer going in to a place of work) I started off with my desk, computer, double monitors, and my chair - in a corner of my dad's filing closet. During the past 2 years I have slowly but surely added me to the environment. I moved my dad's spare computer into the space (gotta have some way of entertaining myself at night right), my almost mother in law gave me the cork pads to put on the wall and a white board (its off to the left where it still has October's dates up).

I've got pictures of some of the kids in my life, cards I have been sent, my Rikku picture, some work related doodads, and art.

I've got desk critters galore (I subscribe to the Penelope Garcia school of thought - surround yourself with happy no matter what). They range from a my little pony to a minion to a voodoo witch to an otter. Each one carefully selected to appeal to a certain part of my soul.

And so the "reason" or "logic" behind this post.

I've been trying to figure out how to make my space/my art/my time feel special and this month I'm trying to light a candle to set my mood & intention. Before I started my art practice I thought that my shift was just a job and now I've come to think of my time here as sacred or spiritual. It is the time that I reflect, plan, journal, art and it does not need to look like a cubicle from hell. I may not have meditation cushions or a great view (that's what the computer monitor is for) but now my office is starting to feel like a sacred place and it's all because I made a choice to view it that way.

By shifting my viewpoint, opening my heart, and raising my awareness, I get to choose my life: a deeper connection to the people around me, a more solid foundation under me, a world full of love and hope. Even if at times I have to go hide in a blanket fort & weep because of the humanities cruelties.

I choose to believe in magic and miracles and light and unicorns and cotton candy and fairies.
I choose to trust my own instincts and eyes and body and soul and wings.
I choose to invite the sacred into all parts of my life.

Here are some of the ways I entice the Sacred into my daily life:
Posting positive affirmations all around me.
Look people in the eyes & smile (yes I mean strangers on the street, in the grocery store)
Listen to music - I mean really tune in to that tune - it's amazing at what your body feels.
Burn scented & unscented candle - my current favorite scented one is North Pole
Intentional breathing
Waking up to lemon water

And here are some of the ideas that I am going to incorporate:
Setting my intentions for the day when I wake up
Create altars in my living space
Long bubble baths
Weekend retreats

What suggestions do you have if any?

There will probably be a part 2 of this article - as soon as I get some pictures of the Lamp.

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