Witch Baby?

This is the way the conversation usually goes, lol

Random Person: Can I get your email address?
Me: witch underscore baby at ymail dot com
Random Person: Witch baby? Where did that come from?
Me: *Giggle* it's a long story.

But for you dear readers, I will attempt to elaborate.

Witchbaby is a truly fascinating character from Francesca Lia Block's wondermous Weetzie Bat serious. And yes I know it's a young adult book, but her words truly amaze me. They have since the very first time I read them.

“Witch Baby wanted to ask Ping how to find her Jah-Love angel. She knew Raphael was not him, even though Raphael had the right eyes and smile and name. She knew how he looked--the angel in her dream--but she didn't know how to find him. Should she roller-skate through the streets in the evenings when the streetlights flicker on? Should she stow away to Jamaica on a cruise ship and search for him in the rain forests and along the beaches? Would he come to her? Was he waiting, dreaming of her in the same way she waited and dreamed?”
Witchbaby is the illegitimate daughter of My Secret-Agent Lover Man and Vixanne aka "the Lanka". She gets dropped off on Weetzie's doorstep as a baby. WitchBaby doesn't fit in with the family and she has to figure out who & what she is.

I'm a total misfit in my family and constantly feel like I just don't belong, so WitchBaby's anguish spoke to me.

Then I found the very definition of witchbaby - a girl who is strange, but uniquely beautiful and I was hooked.

So there you have it, how did you get your "handle"?

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