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Greetings & Salutations & Merry Meet

I'm WitchBaby. Currently living in North Carolina (you know where Ft Bragg is).

I often times feel lost in the shuffle of life, so this year I am taking on my very own year with myself challenge. It's gonna be full of art, messyness, snuggles & cuddles, bentos (when LM lets me make them), family extravaganza, books & TV & movies, my journey into finding my little side and what ever else I want.

Why? You ask, because this is a year to tend to myself.

I enjoy traveling, the excitement of packing & going & seeing & doing. 

I enjoy staying home & making blanket forts & cookies & snuffling with my Divo.

I enjoy coffee dates & shopping dates & family game night dates.

So yeah this is me :)

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