Let's try this again - 10 questions to Ponder

1. What is happening in your family or home that is going well?

TBH, it feels like nothing is working right.

2. What is going on in your family or home that needs improvement?

I need to get on track with healthy eating & making sure that I'm okay. I am

3. What is your ideal family and home situation?
We moved out to the country on a piece of land big enough to give all of us the freedom to grow (flowers, veggies, self). We live in houses that were customized to our specifications - so mine is a little witch's cottage with the open floor plan downstairs with a large fireplace and a loft bedroom with a large custom nest bed. The kitchen area is perfectly designed to allow me to cook natural healthy food daily. The house is decorated exactly the way I wish it to be and I have several gardens all around. I have a meditation/yoga glassed in patio off the back of the house that doubles as a green house for winter & delicate plants. I am self sufficient focusing on giving readings & specialized treatments to those in need. My handymanish husband is understanding and supportive knowing that his carpentry projects are keeping us in the good life.

4. Take that ideal situation and break it down into goals.
1. I will cook healthy & natural meals.
2. I will make a list of all the repairs that need to be done & start working on them.
3. I will pull out my menu plans & shopping lists.
4. I will start playing with Divo more.
5. I will create an area for meditation & yoga.
6. I will create my nest bed in a smaller fashion in my current Lamp.
7. I will start networking for clients again.
8. I will keep up with the household calendar.
9. I will continue to eliminate unnecessary items from my life.
10. I have plenty of room for a garden now - I will make plans to use the space for next year.

5. What mundane efforts are you making or do you plan to make to achieve these goals?
I will pull out my meal planners/grocery list & start using them. I will put up the wipe board on the front of the fridge so we can leave notes.

6. What do you believe makes domestic activity spiritual?
A clean house is a happy house, happy house means happy family, happy family mean happy momma. I want to start to incorporate the wheel of the year into my decor & decorations.

7. What are you doing that makes your everyday domestic activity spiritual?
I haven't been doing anything but would love to return to yoga/meditation including a total smudging/cleansing of the house.

8. What could you be doing to make your everyday domestic activity more spiritual?
I could be doing my daily house blessing, my self blessing - hell I could be doing anything at this point in time.

9. Using the answers to the three previous questions about spirituality, make a list of your spiritual goals regarding your domestic activity.
1. I will turn my repeatable items in ritualettes.
2. I will honor the Goddess by incorporating her image into my residence.
3. I will meditate.
4. I will start bringing my life back outside by finding a natural bug repellent.
5. I will stop complaining about things that are out of my control.
6. I will start cooking my food in a healthy engery pattern (stop banging the pans/spoons, stirring clockwise)
7. I will resume reading books on Goddess Worship & spirituality.
8. I will set up an alter both inside and outside.
9. I will use my bathing time as a self love ritual.

10. For those that practice magick, what can you do magickally to achieve the domestic goals you have chosen?
I will have to give this more thought and return to this question

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