Born Naked

Entrances Galore!
  • Ginger Minj - I so so so wanted to love Ginger but this outfit is HID-EEEE-OUS! That orange color was BLARG! 
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - hmmmm, WTF are you wearing? Ugh!!!
  • Jasmine Masters - where did they dig this trash up? Hair stank, makeup busted, outfit WTH!
  • Kandy Ho' - mmmm, she looks a bit fishy, but her attitude stinks to high heaven
  • Katya - Holy freaking mother of all things RED - gorg!
  • Kennedy Davenport - I do so love a dancing show girl queen and she delivers ahmazing
  • Max - ohhhh, pretty girl old drag - I like the level of perfection she showed.
  • Miss Fame - OMG, out of this world glam. I love the concept behind the makeup/costume but the att could use some work
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - I'm holding my thoughts on this lady, she seemed a bit plain jane in her entrance outfit, but I love the nod to the 50s
  • Pearl - I loved EVERYTHING about this except the bearded chin strap
  • Sasha Belle - I'm confused by this look & this look at me bitch. That extra posey time at the walk in was just TOTT.
  • Tempest DuJour - Usually I love campy queens, but not her hunty.
  • Trixie Mattel - What happened to your face Trixie! You got beat and not in the good way.
  • Violet Chachki - Oh my stars & garters - now this bitch is slaying me! That is the abso purrrrfect combo of glam and beauty. TDF! If she keeps this level of perfection then I predict this years WINNER!
Not loving the She-Mail this epi. The baby talking was just weird!

Mini-Challenge: A 2 parter runway Fashion week extravaganza - Spring & Fall fashions from your trunks. Kill it on the catwalk or be fashion road kill. (FYI, hashtag TOO MUCH)

Spring Forward

  • Ginger Minj - Oh I am so so so happy to find out that it was just that UGLEE entrance outfit that made me hate on her. Because her pink spring sequins dress looked amazing on her.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - Not loving the swimsuit robot couture that is what this outfit looked like. 
  • Jasmine Masters - I am sooooooo not loving the midrif top/skirt combo - it looks cheap
  • Kandy Ho' - looking tall boy in a dress, the color did not suit her and the actual dress was horrendous
  • Katya - oh her chevron printed cat suit with cape was gorg
  • Kennedy Davenport - beautiful!
  • Max - outfit nothing to write home about, but I am living for her runway walk
  • Miss Fame - Holy Fucking Crap - stunning from the front, but I have major issues when a corset looks too big in the back. Design Queen design. And her waist is ahmazingly small, so this was a design issue.
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - Ohhhh, the outfit was TTT! Ahmazing, but the paint made her look old
  • Pearl - this didn't scream Spring for me - it felt old
  • Sasha Belle - I loved the dress on her, but the styling was a bit wonky
  • Tempest DuJour - I abso adored the top, but the skirt was entirely too heavy
  • Trixie Mattel - this was the abso cutest outfit EBER! I love the sassy short dress, but oh man the make up is still FTW horrible!
  • Violet Chachki - puuuuuuuuuure purrrrrrrfection - minus the headdress wonky thing.

  • Fall Back

  • Ginger Minj - Oh I adore the giraffe print dress & coat combo - but trim it in a different color please
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - I think she is trying to channel Beyonce on stage but I'm getting more back alley dumpster
  • Jasmine Masters - now this look is uber fierce
  • Kandy Ho' - Loving the shirt/pants/hat combo but those boots are made for walking on outta here!
  • Katya - while I am not a fan of the outfit, she WERKED it so well I loved it on her
  • Kennedy Davenport - well we know who didn't do their research prior to getting on the show, this was a hideous color choice and she looked totally swallowed by the outfit
  • Max - OMG ahmazing - I love the color and fit! Beautimous!
  • Miss Fame - everything was ohlala EXCEPT the wonky shoulder pads
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - ohhhhhhhhhh - this dress was stunning on her BUT I didn't get fall out of it
  • Pearl - perfection done to the GODS
  • Sasha Belle - too too too much ugly
  • Tempest DuJour - uuuuuggggghhhhh - horrendously tasteless UGLY
  • Trixie Mattel - no no no no no
  • Violet Chachki - hubba hubba!

  • Runway: Create a resort tear away to reveal your nude illusion
    • Ginger Minj - this is how to do plus size high fashion - the lemon drop tearaway was incredibly gorg & the illusion was FIERCE!
    • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - the tearaway was beautiful & her styling was super cute
    • Jasmine Masters - that was not a tear away, that was a freaking slinky. And while I enjoyed the purple fringe, there wasn't enough of a nude illusion
    • Kandy Ho' - stunning colors and the shape is breath taking
    • Katya - Stomping out in a red cloak & boots for days to reveal Lady Godiva on the runway Goddess - well until she bent over
    • Kennedy Davenport - Double reveal? But I did so love the wings & jewels
    • Max - ugh, I don't get the make yourself UGLY on the run way - outfit yuck, nude illusion barf, and what's up with the crutches
    • Miss Fame - the color was amazing on her, but I am not loving the out of drag waste shape, bit too severe for my tastes
    • Mrs Kasha Davis - total pink mu-mu old lady style, but the reveal was OMGoddess what a body
    • Pearl - I'm pretty sure the category was nude illusion, not spanx
    • Sasha Belle - love the colors, but that was soooooo not a nude illusion
    • Trixie Mattel - still hating the paint, BUT the double reveal was cute & that pink looked AHMAZING on her
    • Tempest DuJour - while the paint is much much better, the outfit is crabtastically horrible
    • Violet Chachki - can you say HOLY FREAKING CRAP BATMAN! She rocked it the house down in kinky boots! And that was not an illusion, she was 100% naked.

    Challenge Winner: Violet Chachki (Ginger Minj 13)
    Bottom Two: Tempest DuJour and Kandy Ho (Tempest DuJour 4 & Sasha Belle 4)
    Lip Synch for your LIFE! "Geronimo" by RuPaul
    Eliminated:Tempest DuJour

    I score on a 1-5 for both the challenge & the runway, add up the totals, and see who I think rocked it the best & who should be singing for their lives)

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