Mini-Challenge: Granny Drag and a soul train dance line with walkers and canes.

Main Challenge: Hamlet it up in two twisted Shakespeare classics:

Romy & Juliet - All in all, this group was tots adorbs and pulled out comedy out of tragadrama, so major points!!!
  • Ginger Minj - So cute as Romy, but I'm having trouble getting over the fact that she didn't know where the word drag came from
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - I got the feeling like the breakdown was kind of forced, but I loved how team leader Max stepped up and calmed her down
  • Max - brilliant, just brilliant. I love everything about this performance, from the team choices she made, to her look, to her acting - EVERYTHING!
  • Miss Fame - small part, but she rocked it out
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - She just faded into the wood work
  • Trixie Mattel - I love the look and her vocals were on point

MacBitch - wah wah wahhhhh - epic fail
  • Jasmine Masters - OMG just kill me now, that was the worst ghetto girl I've ever seen
  • Kandy Ho'- Such a cute little witchy reject
  • Katya - adorababbles
  • Kennedy Davenport - total fail
  • Pearl - oh sweetie, you can do butch without sounding/looking dead
  • Violet Chachki - You call that a bitch?

Runway : Bearded Woman
  • Ginger Minj - ah Ginger my dear, what is going on, this look was sooo sloppy to me, I'm gonna cry because I love you dearly.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - Mr T called, he wants his necklaces back
  • Jasmine Masters - the gown was stunning don't get me wrong, but WTF is up with your face, that is worse than Kennedy's pubic beard
  • Kandy Ho' - I love the dark goth look, truly I do, but perhaps you should have lightened something up, cause it was a total blend.
  • Katya - OMG, yes yes yes
  • Kennedy Davenport - UGH what the hell is up with your beard
  • Max - I abso LOVE this look, lion tamer cartoon realness
  • Miss Fame - I definitely got the harlequin look, but you should have gone for a bearded Harley Queen look, you could have rocked that outfit
  • Mrs Kasha Davis - oh stunning, I love the black & white play with this gown
  • Pearl - oh my, I abso adored the devilish look
  • Trixie Mattel - still looking too costumey for my taste, but I'm so happy the make up was toned down!
  • Violet Chachki - I simply can not fault her runway at all, perfection

Challenge Winner: Max - Two custom latex creations (Max was my pick too)
Bottom Two: Jasmine Masters & Kennedy Davenport (I had a 3 way tie for the bottom and 2 of those were right - Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Jasmine Masters & Kennedy Davenport)
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: "I was gonna cancel" Kylie Minogue
Eliminated: Jasmine Masters

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