Ru Hollywood Stories

Mini-Challenge: Who can score the most the pit crew :) before hitting a monster in their pants. Ginger Minj won (being the abso only queen to score). So the queens were split up into 3 groups per Ginger's instructions.

I'm going on record as saying that the DAGGERS Michelle & Merle kept sending each other was the best thing EVER!!!! I don't know what the background was, but OMG it was hilarious!

Main Challenge: What the hell ever happened to Merle Ginsberg?

Team Michelle - Kandy, Violet, & Max - OMG, Kandy did you really paint a freaking beard on our darling Ru? Violet was a ho-hum Michelle, but Max was a whacked out version of Merle

**Winning Team** Team Merle - Ginger, Katya, & Kennedy - Kennedy was flat while playing RuPaul (the biggest star of them all), Katya played Merle to a T and Ginger stole the show with her take on Michelle

Team RuPaul - Jaidynn, Miss Fame, & Pearl - Oh Jaidynn your Ru could have been so much better, Miss Fame's take on Merle was a bit blase, but Pearl's Michelle was hilarious!

Runway : Death Becomes Her
  • Ginger Minj - Bear attack! Now this was a really super cute look, I loved the additional touches of glam with the bloody red sparkles.
  • Jaidynn Diore Fierce - I am gagging on this orange jump suit prison break! Totally original!
  • Kandy Ho' - Vampire? WTF? Really?
  • Katya - OMG, I am totally loving the campy bit with the shark bite, so much fun
  • Kennedy Davenport - Uhmm, even with the elaborate storyline - I just don't get this craptastic look.
  • Max - Simply stunning, but the grey is getting a little old
  • Miss Fame - Pure glamourpuss, even with a knife in the head 
  • Pearl - I liked the actual play to the original movie
  • Violet Chachki - Not getting the death becomes her look, just a super cinched body. Granted it is a SUPER cinched body.
Challenge Winner: Katya (Ging for the win in my book)
Bottom Two: Kandy Ho & Jaidynn (Kandy & Kennedy should have been in the bottom)
Lip Synch for your LIFE!: Break Free by Ariana Grande
Eliminated: Kandy Ho (FINALLY)

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