Festive Friday

Okay, so for those of you in the know skip this intro:

Yes I love coming to the beach, but the reason you don't see many
WitchBaby on the beach pics is that I have a SEVERE sun allergy.
Simply walking outdoors for any length of time causes severe burns,
some of that is due to my body not processing Vitamin D correctly and the rest
is because of meds that I'm taking specifically for the deficiency.

So while we go to the beach ALOT,
and you hear about Bunny's beach ventures ALOT,
I'm not really able to do those types of trips
especially in the summer because hello it's fucking hot out there.
In the winter it's better, because I can wear long sleeves and long pants.

So while Bunny took off to the beach for some therapy of his own,
I pulled out the art supplies I brought and proceeded to have
12 thousand kinds of fun in my art journals.

Yes plural - I painted in my Woman's Retreat journal,
and my every day journal,
and a new dylusion journal,
and 2 other journals.
 (mostly backgrounds for next year cause I don't wanna buy a planner - I'm making my own)
More on that later!!!!!!!!!!!!

So after a very most perfectly pleasant day of getting painty!
I stopped for awhile and got
all dolled up for dinner out!

Birthday DINNER at RIOZ!

If you haven't been to Rioz what the hell are you waiting for!
This place is abso AMAZING!
It's been one of my top 5 restaurants since we "discovered" it
several years ago, it's just too far to drive for a normal date night!

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