Saturday Shenanigans

Well I simply could not sleep a wink last night, so I kept waking the Bunny 
up asking if we could go to the beach to see the sun rise over the ocean.
So this is a picture of my Grumpy Butt Bunny cause I poked him awake
to drive me to the beach.

Grumpy Bunny

We drove down to Huntington Beach State Park because it is 
simply one of my favorite places to go.

One that I've never shared with anyone else, FYI, my very own special
beach place. I've gone camping down here several times,
but always alone.

Funky Tree

Found an alligator!

And a heron!

The colors are simply amazing over the marshland.

I would make this my home if I could, sun allergy be damned!

Well after a long walk on the beach and around the campground,
I got very sleepy, so the Bunny took me back to the condo
and headed out for some shelling.

When he got back from the beach, he napped while I
watched Disney shows.

Then after his nap, we went out to
for dinner!
Now I love me some sushi, but the Bunny doesn't eat it.

After driving back to the condo, we chilled for awhile,
then decided to do a full moon walk on the beach!

For about an hour, Bunny let me just sit and soak up the energy of the
Full Moon and the waves crashing on the beach. 
Then he decided it was best if we go back to the condo and get some sleep.

View of the skywheel from where we were.

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