Home Spa Day

I was gonna call this a DIY spa day, but all the products were purchased and not made so its a home spa day instead.

First on the agenda (on my break while working) clean up ma feets! I used Gens Pedi line for this section - soak the tooties in warm water for awhile (this part I did while still taking calls), then when break time hit I applied sloughing lotion and rubbed away a lot of dead yucky skin, using my foot scrubby I got everything polished well, then those feets went back into a clean soak with Foot Bath. I was already melting into a gooey mess before getting off work lol.

I made up some detoxifying lemon water and grabbed a new book & my iPod full of love yourself music.

Then after work, I took over the Rents bathroom (cause I don't has a tub in the magic lamp) and proceeded to pamper myself galore.

I started off dying my hair & putting on a relaxing face mask, then I climbed into a yummy bath, and just turned off for 45 minutes. That alone was worth everything else, but it got even better because after the dye did it's job, I still had the plan of full body exfoliation & lotioning. I was even treated to having my finger & toe nails painted for me by my abso fabulous Bunny. And then to top everything else, he built me a blanket fort and served me Dark Chocolate ice cream. 

Perfect way to start my vacation.

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