Surprise Present

My birthday is next week and when I got to the Rents this evening there was this box sitting on the table (with my name on it). Now I have been considering a trip to a semi-local Lush store but haven't actually made it and I haven't ordered anything from them, but hey here's a package.
When I got the shipping box open, there was the prettiest wrapped box inside (now I know from watching vlogs that this is the way Lush packages their gift boxes) and a postcard type card that says "Happy Birthday to You" no name on it. There's no way to find out who sent me this lovely and extremely thoughtful gift because it was the box with the oceany type smells and if I you know me you KNOW that while I hate going to the beach (too much sun and I'm allergic) I love the smell. That salty sweet coconuty fresh Ahhhhh is one of my favorites - especially during the summer months.
So since I has a DIY spa day booked for tomorrow - I'm adding some new twists.
Thank you whoever you are - I love it!

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