Nice to meet you

Greetings & Salutations,

I'm WitchBaby aka Wendy and I will be your facilitator on this magical journey.

I'm a crazy flighty witchy Virgo. I adore ribeye steaks & flowers. I love salty language & making up my own words. I'm snarky and sassy and I don't plan to change that. I love to make lists & organize & create - but then I forget to follow them. Oops.

I'm 42 Years Old currently residing in my Magic Lamp in North Carolina with my Bunny, my chi-chi, and the wicked cat Ebil Minion. No kids for me.
I answer telephones for a living, well I guess that isn't accurate right now, cause I got a "promotion" that puts me behind the scenes building accounts now - yay me.

My mind is almost always on overdrive and I can solve all kinds of EEK, 
unless it's in my own life lol.

Oh my, I've been scrapbooking for years (and I do mean YEARS), made a couple of memory style journals and found art journaling in 2014 and quickly became massively addicted. Bunny has threatened to put me on a crafty supply time out on several occasions, but he is the one to run for the keys when I say OMG I saw this amazing new product last night. He also keeps buying me classes. He is such an enabler.  I don't call myself an artist BUT painting and doodling very very badly gives me a way to express my inner self in a way that I can accept and acknowledge. I chose to share because I'm a craptastic artist full of yay me and I love to encourage others in doing things badly with gusto!

This is going be a scary big journey and I hope you take the ride with me.

Something to know about the old me: Someone who was totally ok with being a doormat in more ways than one 

Something to know about the new me: I'm still trying to meet her :)

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