Tarot Spread 2016

Physical Being ~ XIV ~ Art ~ This is a challenge to look inward. In this phase of integrating opposites, the transformation process will not tolerate any further impulses or pushes from outside. This will be a year of self searching and growth.

Mental Being ~ X ~ Fortune ~ If no miracles are happening, something is wrong! You stand before the possibility of a great breakthrough! Use the moment!

Crossing/Holding Back ~ 4 of Swords ~ You have enough inner clarity to successfully carry out your plans. Be sure at all times that you feel good about what is happening.

Subconscious ~ V ~ Hierophant ~ The search for the Self leads you into spiritual realms. This card can point to a meeting with a spiritual teacher or master. Be open to the possibilities.

Influencing You ~ VII ~ The Chariot ~ The oncoming change promises to lead to a positive phase of your life. Ready yourself put your affairs in order, examine the possibilities. You will leave much behind.

Just Out of Reach ~ 4 of Wands (R) ~ Something beautiful is making its way into your relationships. You may notice it first as established conditions are called into question and discussed openly. Clarifying the old is a prerequisite for a new oneness, a new beginning.

Standing Before You ~ XV ~ The Devil (R) ~ There may be people close to you who can not handle the changes in going on in you. They may choose to demonize you, making you feel like the devil. Meet them with humor and lightness. Accept what Life gives you. Keep your feet on the ground!

How You See Yourself ~ XIII ~ Death (R) ~ You are ready to make the necessary changes in your life. Accept the pain that may come with the loss of the old.

How Others See You ~ Princess of Disk (R) ~ Something new is entering your life. Prepare yourself!

Needed Idea ~ 2 of Swords ~ Inner peace is a special gift. Protect it, but never try to cling to it.

Future ~
8 of Wands (R) ~ The moment has come for you to define where you stand. If you are open and remain centered, misunderstandings will be cleared.
Princess of Swords (R) ~ Your thoughts and vision may at times feel like you are trying to destroy yourself. Don't let yourself be buried by the flying debris. Don't allow your moods to take hold of you. Remain true to your real ideals.
7 of Disk (R) ~ Your ability to deal with things is blocked by heavy and fearful expectations. You should now look at their content and quality carefully.

Hidden From View ~
7 of Swords (R) ~ Your fears have nothing to do with reality! Wake up and see what's really happening!
6 of Cups (R) ~ Enjoy now all which life gives you. This is the best way to express your gratitude.
6 of Disk (R) ~ Be open to your success. It is no less than a gift you can learn to accept thankfully and humbly. Real success only comes once you have learned to serve. Success under these conditions enriches all levels of your being.

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