Jury Duty

Well it's that time again. 

I had to call out of work, pack a boredom bag
and try to sleep during the night (didn't happen),
so I would be wide awake for what can only be
termed the most boring day of your life (if you don't get selected).

Now, don't get me wrong, I actually enjoy jury duty.
What I have a problem with is all the stupid delays and boring repeats, 
over and over again.

First, you have to show up at the courthouse by 8:30am 
(the time listed on your summons),
but the jury office isn't even open, so you hang out in the lobby & kill time.
Finally someone comes out and starts to act all drill sargent 
but all I can think of is a chirpy little ankle biter - bark bark bark, look at me.
Then you FINALLY begin being processed into the jury room.

Now you and the other 200 odd peoples get pushed and pulled into format by
the DS, line up, come to the door, state your last name only, get form 
(fill out the address, phone number & check the box if you want a note for work)
Then you take a badge & a seat while everyone else gets their shit together.
Pull out a book to read, hunkered down in a severely uncomfortable chair.
Only to be interrupted 5 minutes in with a lecture from the DS saying that as soon as
she gets everyone checked in, she'll set up the TV with a video and print
out work excuses. Then she goes back to checking people in.
Sometime later, she comes back in and gives a lecture on the importance of Jury Duty,
it's not a duty, it's a privilege.
(Actually I do agree with this, we as citizens seriously need to do our part to help)

Then the dreaded boring video begins to play, and what do you know - it's everything
DS just said but in LONG LONG LONG drawn out format.
Please note - I am not the best at staying awake while watching something I want to 
watch, I sure ain't feeling like it when the show is boring.

Then it's the swearing in or affirmation to do your Duty.

Everyone breaks for the bathrooms, vending machines or simply a better chair.

That's finally over, and the excuses start coming off the printer, 
so we all do the shuffle step to get our personalized notes.
And even though none of us could have possibly escaped, when no response is 
giving for a name, the attitude gets pissy, like it's our fault.
Several Jurors tell the DS that some people are in the bathroom and she just snarls.

Next up, we are permitted a 15 minute break. Wahoo! Scramble!

After the break, its back to waiting, so I curled up with a book. 
What's that? Could it be that we are going to head to a courtroom?
11am and all of us file into a very small courtroom.

We are giving even more instructions or rather the same instructions repeated yet again ~ 
in triplicate!

So then begins the jury selection process.
12 people are called up to the jury booth.
Endless questions later
(your name, occupation, spouse, occupation, children, ETC ETC)
some are released because they would be prejudiced against one side or the other 
new people are called - another questions - rinse and repeat.
11:30am and the judge calls for a break.
Back at it in 10 minutes.
Wash, rinse, repeat times 3 ~ now there's only 1 chair to fill
technically its time for break, but the judge says hold on and perhaps I can let you go.
3 more rounds to find a juror, but now it's 1:30pm and the rest of us can leave.

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