Fear Strikes Again

Someone explain this one to me, please.

This is Charles Kinsey, a behavioral therapist, and he was simply doing his job - trying to calm and protect his patient. His reaction to having multiple semi-automatic rifles pointed at him was to make himself a non threatening a target as possible by laying on the ground with his hand in the air and he tried to open a dialogue between himself and the police officers by telling them MULTIPLE TIMES I am unarmed, he has a toy truck, I am a behavioral therapist - all of the things that a good person should do if in this type of situation. And what happened, he was still shot.

Why? He never reached toward his pocket for a concealed weapon, his hands remained steadily raised and in sight, you can't say he charged or rushed or hell even tried to approach the police officers, and he kept the lines of communication open with the police (not that they responded to him) "I am unarmed, Rinaldo is autistic, lay on your stomach Rinaldo, he has a toy truck." And he was still shot. Why?

After he was shot, his only reaction was to ask the officer who shot him, Why? And the officers response is "I don't know". .

But the very worst part of this whole situation in my opinion, after this man has done everything he could possibly do to show that he was not trying to break or subvert any laws, after he was shot - the officers on the scene rolled him onto his stomach and handcuff the bleeding man behind his back to lay on the hot concrete, while they do WHAT EXACTLY?

Mr Kinsey, you asked why? Why he shot you? He shot you because he was scared and I'm sorry for that. I'm sorry that he took his fear out on you. I know that a white woman's apology & her tears mean nothing in the grand scheme of things, but I am truly sorry this happened to you.

I get that being an officer of the law has got to be down right scary as fuck right now ESPECIALLY because of the deaths of your brothers in blue, but really? I understand that each and every day you put on your uniform you are terrified that you won't be coming home again. I see you and I see your reactions to your fear. I don't know what needs to happen to affect effective change, but something has to give. America has fallen to such depths of despair, that all of her wondermous citizens are hating & bashing & hurting each other for no good reason. Hell, it's not just America, it's the whole damn World. The World has gone out of sync and we need some serious help getting Mother Earth's children back on track.

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