As You Wish!!!!!

While not technically a surprise, I am totally counting this as a birthday present,
because Fortune Cookie Soap company
has made me a very very very happy girl today!

I simply could not have asked for a better theme for this box.

Well,  not since the Nightmare Before Christmas a couple of years ago!
That is still my all time favorite box.
TBH, I've ordered a ton of the Oogie Boogie OCD Hand Sanitizer.
It is like my all time favorite product!

But enough about the past, let's dive into...

So as you can imagine this box is totally themed off

The Princess Bride

(AKA the bestest movie in the whole wide world)

And it is pure perfection.

Let me start by saying that FCS is so good about sending out the notification
email saying your box is on the way. And the packaging is simply amazing. I adore
seeing this simple but stunning box show up in the mail box.
It gives me a happy.
But I do have to say, that the "look" of this box was marred for me because my shipping
label was stuck straight on top of the super cute logo on the top flap.
The fall smells leaking from under the flap totes made up for the logo being covered.
As always, I waited until I could open the package with my Mom,
because that is totally what we do.

Ah!!!!!!! Fall. My abso favoritist!

I literally squeed when I opened the box & got a glimpse of the name!
"As You Wish"
is truly the most romantic, most amazing, most specialist phrase EBER!

So the product list includes
  • Drop. Your. Sword. soap cookie - I adore these soaps and this one is an aromatic blend of medieval honey apple mead. And it smells like the very bestest honeyed cider. Amazing. And besides are so unique and look great in a dish in your guest bath.
  • Prepare to Die OCD - *giggles* Prepare to Die germie critters. It's a blend of fresh cookie dough with clove and saffron.
  • Mostly Dead - Bring your mostly dead dry skin back to life. Not my favorite scent in the bunch, but I'm the odd one out that hates all things pumpkin and this has a decidedly pumpkin scent. It's a blend of toasted almond, honey and pumpkin scent.
  • Inconceivable - Mmmm, this is like the very best of fall woods, amber and pears. It's abso amazing.
  • Mawiage - I'm not sure what to do with the cotton ball, but oh my, pound cake with buttercream frosting - yum!
  • Pit of Despair - Shower steamers are a wonderful way to add a touch of spa to an every day shower, but the scent of lemongrass & plumeria would probably be better as a personal space air spray. 
  • Buttercup - Shampoo scented with candied rum, ripe fig, bergamot, vetiver, sandlewood & vanilla musk is heavenly. Will be totally trying this my next spa day.
  • True Love - Oh new product! I love trying new products. Fresh citrus, jasmine petals, and sea salt mixed into oil. It smells like the perfect compliment to a spa day.
  • Knight Cream - Unscented facial moisturizer. It feels so silky smooth, I'm adding it to the next spa day.

Basic info about this subscription box:

Total Cost $19.95 (free shipping in US, Canada adds $8.01, and International adds $14.01
Products - in every single box you get one of FCS signature Fortune Cookie soap, a whipped cream body butter & an OCD Hand Sanitizer, then the rest of the products in the box can vary. Anything from a pedi bomb to dry shampoo and everything (body part) in between. The only products that I don't think has ever shown up in a box is the linen spray & personal space air freshener. 

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