Birthday Art Haul

So I got lots of crafty & painty goodies for my birthday!

While we were down at the beach for Birthday Trip,
my Aunt & I got my Bunny to chauffeur us around one morning and we went to 
Scrapbook By The Sea.  

(FYI, if you ever get to Myrtle Beach, you have to check this place out - amazing)

So we kept the Bunny at this store for OVER 2 hours, while we shopped and browsed.
I picked out tons of stuff that ignited my creative spirit.
And then when it was check out time, my Aunt paid for all my stuffs!
Totally gobstoppered!

So I got stencils, paper, sticker sheets, paints, & inks.
Some of those are shown below.


Sticker Sheets

Beautiful Papers

And then when I got home, I gots a birthday package from my Bunny.
Evidently, since the package was a little late coming in - he had to give it to me late.
But that is totally cool with me!
It just means that Birthday Month Continues!

Painty Tools

Stamps for my Bullet Journal

Geli Plate!

this last one actually came from Scrapbook By The Sea

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