Myrtle Beach Birthday Trip

My Aunt & Uncle decided they wanted to have an extended family vacation like the olden days. So that being said they used some of their Vacation Time Share to get 2 3 bedroom condos.

Bunny, NightShade & I weren't able to go for the whole week, but we did make a long birthday weekend out of it. We left town, when the Bunny got off work, on Thursday and enjoyed the drive down. Listening to the Travel Play List like we always do.

We had simply BEAUTIFUL weather for the drive down

And made it to Myrtle Beach with no problems

We needed to meet up with the rents before going to the hotel
cause we had to pick up wrist bands & key cards.
So we located them at the Tanger Outlets 501 location.

On the way there, Bunny saw a Car Museum and started spazzing,
so after getting keys & bands we headed back to Wheels of Yesteryear.
It's a wonderful place to go - $10 a head and you can wander around looking at the cars
til your hearts content.

Next stop was the Wyndham Resorts/Ocean Boulevard to get settled in.
It was a bit of a bumpy bump getting in - Bunny was grumpy
(even though he just went to the car museum and promised to be good)

This is what it looks like at night - so uber pretty!

(hotel at night)

(the bed in our room)

So we got checked in, just in time to be a part of the 
"where do you wanna go for dinner" debate
They finally decided on an Italian place so that Craig could get pizza.
Well that sounded perfectly yummy to Bunny & myself
So we got one to split!

When we got back from dinner - I spent some time
with my cousins making smores and just gossiping.
It was a very welcome break from the normal cray-cray.


The Bunny woke up super early Friday morning and that woke me up.
I'm not an early riser on any normal day, but this boy's enthusiasm get me going every time.
We went down and around the hotel, just laughing and giggling.

We spent some time checking out the beach proper and looking around the pools, gym,
entertainment or game room, and the bar.
When we'd prowled around for a while then headed back up to find out what was going on for breakfast time and who was going where.

(Our wrist bands & early morning hand holding)

So the fam (minus cousin grouping) went out for breakfast and then the Bunny and I kidnapped the Aunt Stacy and proceeded to haul her all over Myrtle Beach. 
Oh so happily might I add.
We ended up going to Scrapbook by the Sea (I love that place), a couple of consignment shops, Quilting by the Sea, and Imagination Halloween.

You can see all the goodies that I got at the Scrapbook Store over here.
Not all the goodies on the post are from here, but a lot of them are.

After a fun trip around Myrtle Beach we decided to head back to the hotel.

For dinner Friday night another Aunt suggested  a local favorite, Hoskins.
So that's were we ended up at. I told the BF that since it wasn't that far away and we had
the time that we should walk there and back for a bit of exercise and he was totes down.
So we set off, just the 2 of us, to walk down to the restuarant and I must say
that was one of the best walks I've ever had.
BF didn't long step it, so I didn't feel like I was running to keep up.
We laughed and talked the entire way to the restuarant.
Some how or the other we still managed to beat everyone there.
Now I must say that the food was abso amazing. 

After dinner, we walked back to the hotel enjoying a bit of down time.
Stopped at one of the ubiquitous t-shirt shops and got one for my cousins husband.

With any luck he'll find it funny.


Saturday morning was another early up and out day for the BF & myself. 
But we were under strict orders to report to the Auntie's room by 9am for breakfast. 
So we decided to hit the beach for a bit, before breakfast. 
Me for a stroll & the BF for a swim.

So I headed back up and the BF headed out (that's him on the raft)

After breakfast, we were just hanging out and relaxing when Gabby got hold of BF's phone. 
Now that was funny cause I think she uses it better than he does, and I know she taught him at least 2 new tricks with the phone. 

It wasn't all fun and games this morning as one member of our party ended  up
heading to the hospital for 1st degree burns on the BOTTOMs of his feet. 
UGH! That had to hurt.

So since BF wanted to go back to the water & I didn't.
I decided to walk down to the area we had had dinner at and just check out the shops & vibe.
So any ways I was dressed in my Fun Fact: I Don't Care T-shirt, black shorts,
and twisted my hair up into pigtails to get it off my neck, 
then put in some bows (cause I'm crazy like that), 
put on my oversize sunglasses on my face and started out on my solo adventure. 
Well I got in the elevator and there was a pair of "older" ladies there already, 
so I bounce in, saying hi 
As one of them was standing right up on the control panel I asked her to push P2
(aka ground floor)
she kind of huffs then pushes the button like it's some big chore
and just as the door close, glares at me and says 
"don't you think you're a little old for that hairstyle?" 
Well me being me (after all I have a smart mouth) came back with 
"well that depends on how old you think I am." 
She responded with "18 to 19". 
I just looked over at her, then finally snarked back
"I may never style my hair any other way then, cause I just celebrated my 43rd birthday 2 days ago." She kinda harrumphed and crossed her arms over her chest 
as I bounced my way out of the elevator with a sassy 
The look on her face - priceless.

So I walked down to the shops, taking my sweet little time.
Grabbed the nail polish remover I needed and then spent the remainder of the time
just browsing around.
Well until I got here! 

Holy ice cream Batman! This was simply one of the best treats I think I've had - like EBER!
The ice cream was smooth and chocolatey with chips embedded all over
and then I had her top it with pecans cause I love nuts in my ice cream 
Mmmmmm - nom nom.

Then I saw this sign that I took as a sign, cause you know what - it's true.

Headed back to the hotel after a very rewarding late morning
early afternoon just enjoying my own company.
I don't do that nearly enough.

Then it was get ready for Rioz - the very bestest place to eat EBER!
This was my birthday treat from my parents, cause well TBH, they forgot it
was my birthday when they decided to take the trip.
And they couldn't figure out why I would be upset.

My Sister & her fam (including the nephew & the Uncle) couldn't make it overnight,
but they did drive down for the big dinner.
Now I truly love this place, but I'm pretty sure Nephew is hooked good and proper.
He was all like "Ohhhh man - this is the bomb"
(Hey look all our old slang is coming back)

And he had entirely too much fun, 
flipping his cards so he could get a refill
of the very best food he's ever put in his mouth.
(his words - not mine)

BF looking all sour pussed again.
I'm not sure why.
But that cake was abso amazing!

Got back to the room after dinner and discovered that a pretty gnarly
sun burn may explain the BF's grouchiness


A few more of the sights from the balcony before leaving.

We have our own little traditions when we go to Myrtle Beach
On the last day of our trip, before we head home
We go to Broadway at the Beach so we can feed the fish
They fascinate me so very berry much
Oh and Bunny was almost eaten by a dinosaur!!!!!

Nightshade was totally ready for the ride home

But the very best part of any trip - is the homecoming!
And especially seeing this little guy.

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