Describe your ideal day

I wake up to a beautiful morning, around 6:30am. I feel energized, awake and ready to take on the world, because I know that this will be an amazing day.  I do a series of stretches, awaking my body, as I smile at my bedroom decor. All pinks and grays, the sheer curtains undulating with the breeze streaming in through the window. I dress in comfortable yoga pants and a sports bra, not bothering to put on my house shoes yet, and step out onto the balcony of my beautiful apartment overlooking the ocean.  I grab my bottle of lemon water and drink it down while watching the sun crest over the ocean horizon. Once the sun is up, I know that my day is truly about to get started. I grab my house shoes from the bedroom floor. 

I walk into my well appointed kitchenette and turn the coffee pot on - knowing that the heady brew will be ready and partially cooled by the time I get back to it and step into my studio, otherwise know as magic. The clean white walls have been taking over by a juxtaposition of color, my own art prominently displayed. My hands itch to pull out the paints and add another layer to the commissioned piece resting on the easel, but yoga calls to me right now. I stretch and twist my body to the sounds of music wafting gently on the air. The high notes, causing my chest to swell with indrawn breath as I move through the comforting asana. After the 108 sun salutations, I move into my daily workout. I flip on the computer and pull up my favorite dance workout and press play. After hardcore dancing for a full 30 minutes, I start to calm my body. Once my heartbeat returns to normal, I slip into child's pose and hold it for 5 minutes, gratitude for this day filling my soul. What a great feeling!

After my daily yoga/dance routine, I head back into the kitchenette, eager for coffee, to find that my beautiful boyfriend, my Bunny, is now waiting for me. He's already pulled out the mixed fruit (pineapple, oranges, kiwi and strawberries), hard boiled farm fresh eggs and dropped the bread in the toaster. We take our simple breakfast out onto our patio, and enjoy eating, while comparing schedules for the day and making plans for the evening. 

When breakfast is over, I head to the bathroom. I turn the shower on and step in, lathering up with my wonderful homemade coconut soap. I consider the day ahead, while rinsing off and realize that I truly love doing all this fun and adventurous stuff, it is because I am so passionate about what I do for a living it no longer feels like work. There’s no better feeling in the world than helping other people achieve their dreams and biggest aspirations in life. I dress in a beautiful cotton skirt and tank top, and decide on bare feet since I'm not going out right now. I respond to a few emails, then spend the next little bit on the phone; a planned coaching call, 3 quick tarot readings and a conversation with my publisher about the next book in my series as well as a possible interview opportunity later in the month. I then sit down, automatically checking the stats of the blog & the vlog and then consider next weeks topics; fine tuning a post here and there, as well as making a note to research the full moons pull on the sex drive for 2 weeks from now. While sitting at my desk, I can see the photos of some of my favorite clients, the ones that I have inspired to do extraordinary things and realize that I am extremely blessed, it's not just about me or even my relationship with my boyfriend, it's about the various ways of giving back to the universe and helping other people do the same by improving their lives.

The music returns, or rather since the beat of the music intensifies I am more likely to notice it, signifying that my 3 hours are over. I am loving that I wired up the whole house so that the daily playlist can stream in every room (and some not rooms like the balcony) of the apartment. I wander into the kitchenette to put together a simple lunch of fruit, cheese and crackers. Enjoying my lunch while reading a fun fantasy novel. I take my dishes to the sink and rinse them. 

Then shortly after 1pm, it's time to fling some paint. I step over to my painting nook, pulling my apron on to protect my clothing from flying paint, a step I often forgot before I set up the actual studio area and prominently hung the apron on the wall. I pull open cabinet doors and choose the colors for today's layers from my well stocked supplies. With the sounds of drums as my background noise, I throw myself into the painting, adding strokes of blues and pinks to the purples already visible on the canvas, pulling the laughing fairy out of the hidden depths. She teases me with glimpses of her wings, as I chase them with a glitter coated brush, her back slightly turned to the forefront of the portrait. Dreams of Innocence is well in hand and should be completed in one or two more sessions. I decide to stay in the studio for a little longer, pulling out my art journal and starting a new spread about Joy, filming as I go along, it will be an offering for my clients. There are people who think I'm crazy, but I no longer care. Nothing can or will stop me from living the life I love and doing the things I desire the most. This is my life and it is damn precious and I value my time here!

I come out of the paint induced haze when I hear the Bunny coming in the front door, hit stop on the camera as I realize it's time to clean up, an activity that has turned into one of my favorites of the day. Since today was a paint day, I wash out the brushes, and wipe off the splatters of paint, putting the scraps of paper back in the drawers via color, and then I take my time putting away my paints. I add editing the vlog and ordering paint to my list of tasks to do tomorrow, my technical day. Then I hang up my apron and exit the studio, straight into Bunny's arms for a hug and a kiss. Laughing, he moves me to the balcony while telling me about a client who has commissioned a full patio set and that his day in his wood shop went spectacular. He finished up and delivered the princess bed to a little girl for a birthday surprise, her laughing shocked face on his camera, her parents beaming over their choice in the background. He also tells me that the bondage bed with caged bottom will be delivered tomorrow to the Dungeon, a local BDSM club that we belong to. He's sold a lot of custom pieces out of that location and has made a name for himself as a fine craftsman even though he balked at BondageBunny when I suggested it years ago, but it has paid off. 

According to tonight's meal plan, we are having stir fry. Preparing dinner is quick work and we are sitting for dinner shortly. The table set with beautiful, fun dishes, a pot of hot tea is on the stone tablet, a most satisfying meal before us. We discuss the pattern of the day, stopping frequently to allow the gratitude to fill the room. We are both doing what we love and love what we are doing, so it is a very fulfilling life. We often discuss how we both can live out our purpose every day and do what we love. We are thankful for all the people in our lives, and all the people we continue to inspire and help on a daily basis. 

After dinner, we decide on a little mindless TV and perhaps the perfect day will get even better. 

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