Just a Little Ask

  1. What's your favorite stuffy's name? Ted E Bear is my all time favorite, but he's so old I can't play with him anymore
  2. What's your favorite little space snack? Cookies & Ice Cream
  3. Favorite Disney movie? Brave is my most recent favorite
  4. Do you wear diapers/thoughts on diapers? No I don't - diapers aren't my kink/I support those that do
  5. Do you use pacifiers/thoughts on pacifiers? No I don't/I've considered getting one
  6. Do you have a Mommy/Daddy/Caregiver? If so what's your favorite nickname for them? I do/he's the Bunny
  7. Do people IRL know of your little side? If yes who? Some people do/I'm not telling :)
  8. Do you have a Little Age? If so what is it? I don't have a particular age - I'm fluid
  9. When did you learn you were a little? Dec 2014 - it's a rather funny story.
  10. What is one thing that will ALWAYS put you into little space? Blanket Forts
  11. Are you a little 24/7 or only when in little space or only during sexy time? I have little tendencies 24/7, but usually on go into little space totally when I'm super stressed with being a big girl
  12. Do you like coloring? If so what medium do you like to use the most? I love to color and I use everything from crayons to colored pencils to markers to paint to food color
  13. What is your favorite nickname to be called? Princess, Voodoo Doll, and Baby Girl
  14. What's your favorite bedtime story? I don't really have one - Bunny isn't big on reading
  15. Do you sleep with a nightlight? I work my big job at night, so my windows are my nightlight

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