List your fandoms and one character from each that you identify with.

Okay, so a list of my fandoms OMG do you seriously wanna get into this list?


  • Pern: I have always been drawn to the Pernesian world. With the dragons and dragon lizards. From my very first introduction the series (Dragonsong) Anne McCaffrey created a world that opened so many doors to me. I learned about love and heart break and music and tenecity and openess and just life from her words. She filled my mind with such freedom. Over the years, I have honestly identified with a lot of different characters and to this date I would not be able to pick just one.
  • Valdemar: Mercedes Lackey magically amazing series is one that gave my soul wings. I was introduced for the first time to an openly homosexual character and his conflict at being simply him opened my eyes to entirely new horizons. Because of this series I never once considered my desires to be wrong or yucky, but I did (and still do) go to great lengths to not share them with my family at large. By and large I indentify the most with Kerowyn and have read her book so often I've gone through 3 copies.
  • Harry Potter: who could not love the adorable orphan living under the stairs and his journey through childhood? And I totally identify with Hermonie. 


  • Dr Who: okay, so I'm still relatively new to this series, but I AM IN LOVE. I want to live in the Whoverse! I think David Tennant is by far the best Doctor, and I identify with Clara Oswald. 
  • Once Upon A Time: I'm a total Oncer. I arrange my schedule so that I can be awake (working 3rd shift is not always conducive to being awake at the right time) to watch the first run shows. I dream about the characters and live for Sundays during show time (even though that is the first day of my work week) just to immerse myself into the world of Storybrooke. I totally identify with Regina!
  • Firefly: I am a die hard browncoat! And totes identify with too many characters to pick just one, because they are soooooo diverse and soooooo addictive!


  • Harley Quinn: I love Harley. I have for years. Long before the big Suicide Squad. I really enjoyed her animated exploits better. Especially when she's teemed up with her girlfriend Poison Ivy. 

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