Sea Witch Bath Salt

Maybe you’re a landlocked sea witch, maybe you’re looking for a setting to commune with your ocean deity, maybe you just feel like pampering yourself like a mermaid. We’ve got the bath salt for you.
  • 1C sea salt
  • 1C epsom salt
  • 1C kelp powder
  • ½C baking soda
Combine all the ingredients in a jar, then charge the mixture under the full moon. Store with a piece of moonstone when not in use. When you use this bath salt, please add about a cup to a reusable bath tea bag or other similar item to make clean up easier, after all kelp swells (A LOT) when it gets wet and you don't want that going down the drain.

For added UMPH! instead of just taking a bath in this heavenly mixture you can totally upgrade your bath by adding:
  • Optional Items would include:
  • Candles
  • Anything that reminds you of the sea (deco wise of course)
  • Jasmine or eucalyptus incense
  • Sea sounds playlist/CD/DVD
All of the added items can help create a more relaxing and tranquil setting.

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