Halloween Fun for a Little

1. Take them to a pumpkin patch to pick out a pumpkin. Help carve it for them after they tell you what they want on it.
2. Take them to buy a costume and tell them how cute/ beautiful they look in it every hour.
3. Find a movie to watch with them. A comedy or scary movie depending on how brave they are.
4. Have them hand out candy to the children so they can be extra little and tell the kids how cute/scary they are.
5. Watch their candy intake don’t need a sick little before bed. (Sadly it’s a known fact they become gremlins in their sleep if they eat to much candy.)
6. Make them some spiced apple cider or hot coco.
7. Find a way of doing your own version of trick or treat with them.
8. Let them stay up a couple hours later.
9. Tell a not so scary ghost stories in a blanket fort with the lights off and a flashlight.
10. Give them a surprise gift. Maybe a new blanket, a toy, a coloring book, or anything else they might like.
11. Do a double check for monsters and ghost in the room.
12. Give them even more cuddles and kisses.
13. Let them break a rule of their choice for that night.

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