HappyCakes Cupcakery Made Me Happy!!!

Ok,so here's the deal - we simply drove by this "bakery" on our way to Wal-Mart.

I'm abso addicted to cupcakes, so I had to go check it out, but the Bunny was fighting me hard on it. (I asked him to help me stick to my plan & he does his best)
The name sounded kinda familiar, so while the Bunny was in Wal-Mart & Lowe's
I do what I do best and hit google to find out WHY this name was soooo familiar.

And that is when I discovered that HappyCakes was not only a contestant 
(more than enough reason to go) 
but the winner of Season 2 Episode 21 of CUPCAKE WARS!

So with that ammo in place - I made my point and got to visit the cupcakery.
I'm totally bummed that I forgot to take a picture of the outside, but it's not much of a miss
cause it is simply one location in a strip mall strip from the outside.

But you walk inside and oh my goodness!
The yummy scents fill the air and you can almost taste the butter and sugar.

So that explains the butter scent!

So the menu is a bit different than any other bakery I've been to.
The have a flavor schedule and those are the cupcakes available on any given day.

So there isn't any "Hey hon - stop by HappyCakes and pick me up a German Chocolate" cause it might not be on the menu that day. Of course a smart consumer checks out the schedule and then decides on what to get.

Or you could be like me and go 
"Hmmm one of each and double the strawberry & german chocolate, please"
Hey don't judge me these little gems are $3 a piece (and worth every freaking penny)
or you can get one dozen (that's 12 for those of you not fond of math) for $29.

Today's offerings are:
Strawberry Cream
Brown Sugar Maple
Oreo Overload
Vanilla Dream
Hot Chocolate 
German Chocolate 
Chocolate Indulgence 
Chocolate Tuxedo 
and Black Velvet

They get packed up so pretty in this very deceptive simple package.

Close up of the label cause it made me smile!

It was almost impossible to wait until we got back to the campground to try one of these.

Out of the 12 I got to sample at least a bite of three. 
I had a German Chocolate one that has simply transformed my idea of what this traditional cake is supposed to take like, the Bunny had a Strawberry Cream that tasted like sweetened strawberries & cream, while the Rents split a Hummingbird that was perfectly nutty and delicious.

If you are ever in the area - totally check them out - because they are amazing!!!

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