Hurricane Matthew

Well - I was on track with posting and what not - until Hurricane Matthew knocked us for a loop. Now don't get me wrong, I am extremely grateful that we had minimal damage around our house and that the power was only out for a few days. But OMG - what a storm.

Okay, so as you probably know - Hurricane Matthew was all set to come up the coast line and then head back out to sea, according to the Weather Channel. And since it wasn't coming relatively any where near us, we figured we were safe. 

It was drizzly and yucky out on Friday, so we skipped the Haunted House in favor of watching some of the movies on our Halloween Watch List and getting a pizza. We went to bed late Friday night, early Saturday morning with rain already making a presence and no matter what the meteorological data would tell you, it was banded rain from the hurricane, because it was literally coming in waves. But all the data says that we weren't in for anything really bad until possibly Sunday morning.

So when we woke Saturday morning, we didn't think much of the light rain that was going on. I asked the Bunny to run to the grocery store to pick up a few things, that we needed for the weekend and he did. So no big deal, right?

When he got home, we settled in to watch another couple of movies off our watch list. Not really preparing in any way for matthewageddon. We watched Transylvania 6-5000 & Jeff Dunham's Minding the Monsters. 

And that's when I realized the storm was getting worse. We decided that we needed to gather up a few things before anything else happened. So we went running out to the shed and grabbed up some of our camping gear, namely the stuff to make tea & coffee and cook gear, but also our lanterns.

We got back to the Magic Lamp, a little damp, but happy to have everything in order and ready for the night ahead - no matter what happened. Then Bunny got a hair up his butt and said he was gonna go secure the trees behind us.

After about 30-45 minutes, the Bunny comes inside and says that's done. I chained up the 3 trees at the back, tied off the 1 on the corner and propped up the one at the corner. As he was telling me what he did, we heard a creak and then a thump, so we ran outside to see what had happened.

The tree at the corner of our lot had kind of tipped over onto the Magic Lamp. If he hadn't of tied it up, it would have come down with a big badda boom and squashed us! But due to his quick thinking and forethought, it just kinda leaned all the way over! The rope he secured it with, supported most of the weight!

So between Bunny, Daddy-O, and myself - we got the leaning tree of disaster off the Lamp and because it did punch a hole in the roof, got a tarp secured down real good with some 5-50 cord. After taking care of tree removal, Bunny & I went back in the Magic Lamp. Then the power crashed off. Badda Blink - you are now in the dark!!!

But we have camping gear, yes we do - so I fired up the gas stove, made hot tea & coffee to warm us up and started cooking dinner (potato soup don't you know - so not 21 Day Fix, but abso perfect for a cold wet dreary night) I was able to feed the Daddy-O, Grandma (hey ya'll she's 106!), Bunny & myself.

So now there's nothing to do, but wait and see what the rest of the night brings! I read by lantern light for awhile, but ultimately decided sleep was probably for the best and crashed out around 9:30-10.

Woke up bright and early Sunday morning to no power and tons of storm damage. These are the trees that kinda slumped over from the weight of the wind and the saturation of the ground. All 4 of these trees are going to have to come out of the ground now - such a bummer cause they are the only shade we have!!!!!!

This is the whopper of a tree that actually fell on the Lamp. We drug it off during the storm. On Sunday we totally cut it all up.

The bad part about it - they are ALL chaneyberry (or chinaberry) trees, so we can't do anything with them but send them out for compost. *sad face* Would be nice if we could chop them up for the fire pit, but according to the research I've been able to do - they are poisonous and should not even be burned outside.

Power is still out! Will update more when I can!

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