Hitting the Do Over Button (but not really)

I don't know many (if any) people who aren't of the mindset that 2016 was the most horrible year to date in their lives. Now I don't mean that there weren't other years that were horrible, nor do I mean that this past year overshadows some truly horrific events, but it just seems like 2016 tried to take out as many good and happy things as it could.

You know - the news montage from 2016 has been like the start of some really mucked up movie about how the world ended:

  • Oregon militia crazies took over but were begging people for snacks
  • Donald Trump for President
  • Record breaking snow storms in the northeast that stranded a fuck ton of people on the freaking roads/Record breaking cold snaps across the rest of the world 
  • David Bowie dies 
  • Alan Rickman too
  • Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter - but the shootings just don't stop
  • Prince dies
  • Zika
  • Random shootings
  • Clowns - WTF - Clowns!!!!!
  • North Korea launching rockets
  • Passenger trains colliding in Germany
  • Ohio state slaughtered Harembee
  • Lightworkers suck
  • More random shootings
  • Black Lives Matter/Blue Lives Matter/All Lives Matter - but the shootings never stop
  • Donald Trump wins election
  • The world looses its shit
  • Gene Wilder & Leonard Cohen die
So what should we do?

Just give up, crawl into a hole and let the world continue to spin without us? While I admit there have been a multitude of times this year I have begged 

But that isn't really an option now is it? So as someone who loves to live in the happy bubble that I have created for myself, I've decided to take the week between Christmas and New Years to hit the restart button, so that I can go into 2017 with a bit more peace of mind.

  • Monday - I am going to be acknowledging *ALL* of the past year, all of the things that have led me to the here & now. I will be writing them in my journal
    • the lessons I've learned (never read the comments), 
    • the blessings (a good nap), 
    • the pain (all the hurt and anger), 
    • the friends I've said goodbye to (both the real life friends and the entertainers)
  • Tuesday - will be a day of release. And by release I mean I'm starting a huge ass bonfire and I am dumping each and every burden into it. This way I can acknowledge each item and feel that pain lift from me. To do this, I will be writing on individual strips of paper anything that has hurt me this year, then I will say it out loud and then discard it into the fire while saying "You have no power over me". As each slip burns away the written letters & paper that binds it, it burns away in me as well. Get rid of it, don't hold it for fuel for your fire, just burn it away now. Let IT GO!!!
    • Comparison especially in my art
    • Anger over the missed vacation
    • Coughing
  • Wednesday - will be a day of cleaning, it's time to lighten your load - physically, mentally and spiritually. When I say throw it out, you could always donate it or give it away, but what ever you do - get it out of your life TODAY!!!
    • If it’s broken - throw it out
    • If it doesn’t work - throw it out
    • If it is missing parts - throw it out
    • If you don’t use it - throw it out
    • If it’s unfinished - throw it out 
  • Thursday - will be my day of gratitude. A day to thank the Universe for all it has provided. A day to celebrate the good. I will leave offerings out today, and very likely dance to the noon day sun as a way of showing gratitude because we were given the David Bowies & Robin Williams & glitter & sparkles & coffee!
    • Dance
    • Sing
    • Celebrate
    • Leave offerings to the Universe
  • Friday - today is the day to declare who I want to be in 2017 and what I will be manifesting in my life. Sit down with yourself & your journal and claim the pieces of who you want to be! 
    • Meditate
    • Envision the changes you want to make
    • Announce it. 
    • Write it down. 
    • Own it. 
    • Create a mental imprint of your future
  • Saturday - It's time to take a step in the right direction! 
    • Create a wall hanging using my word of the year for 2017!
    • Make a list of positive actionable steps to achieve my goals
    • Create a mantra for my daily life

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