What's something illegal that should be legal in your eyes?

To my mind, sex work (including, but not limited to: prostitutes, escorts, brothels, "massage" parlors, phone sex operators, exotic dancers, cam models, and porn stars) should not be a crime, but instead should be a licensed, regulated, legitimate field of work.

In the United States, our government currently spends over 14 billion dollars annually to combat sex work. But if it were legalized, that 14 billion gets cut by an enormous amount and the money starts coming back into the purse by way of application fees, licensing fees, and most importantly taxes. 

The best policy would have individuals apply to become a sex worker and take an aptitude test. If they have the "right" mindset they would then go to school for classes such as maintaining personal safety, financial planning, and basic health classes. 

To be honest, there could be a variety of licenses available. Think of it as a step up plan.
  • Level 1 - $25 license cost - basic street walker, only allowed to service clients on the street (alleys) or vehicle
  • Level 2 - $50 license cost - all of the above - allowed to service clients in rent by the hour hotels
  • Etc
Each sex worker would have to submit to full STD panel, drug and alcohol testing monthly or quarterly. If they do not report and/or fail the testing procedure - their license is suspended and the police force gets notified immediately. 

The continued criminalization of the sex industry as a whole it creates ideal conditions for the rampant exploitation and abuse of sex workers. One could argue that if sex work became legal & therefore regulated, there would be a reduction in sex slave trafficking, coercion, and exploitation.

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