Another List of Little Asks

  1. Do you currently have a Big? I do - My Bunny
  2. What age do you identify as? I don't identify as a specific age
  3. Do you identify as a little girl or a little boy? little girl
  4. Do you have an area in your home for little space? Not a set space, Bunny makes me a blanket fort when I go little
  5. Pacifier- yes or no? Nope
  6. Top 3 favorite little cartoons: Brave, Hotel Transylvania, Ferngully
  7. Who's your favorite stuffie? That I can snuggle with - Nightshade, that is to old to play wif anymore - Theodore Edward Bear aka Ted E Bear
  8. What do you call your Big? I answered this already, but he be my Bunny
  9. What's the last picture you colored? Butterflies
  10. How many stuffies do you have? 15
  11. Whats your favorite little space meal? Actual food - pizza rolls/Not food - chocolate
  12. How do you dress up for little space? I don't really dress up, I want to, but haven't found anything to wear that's plus size
  13. Who in your life knows about your lifestyle? I think everyone is aware that I has little tendancies, but not sure how many people really know
  14. Markers, crayons or colored pencils? All of the above
  15. Do you have a blankie? Nope
  16. Whats your favorite little space drink? Water
  17. Have you ever been on a playdate with another little? Nope - pout
  18. What do you love most about your Big? He makes me feel little
  19. Do you use punishments in your house? If so, what? Bunny keeps saying we are going to, but he hasn't set any up yet
  20. Whats your favorite board or card game? Go Fish
  21. Do you like pet play? Haven't tried it yet
  22. Do you have a collar? Nope - Bunny hasn't bought one yet
  23. Whats your partners nickname for you? BabyGirl & Voodoo Doll
  24. Top 3 kinks/turn ons? Spanking, Choking, Rough Play of all kinds
  25. Best way to cheer you up when you're grumpy pants? Cartoons, snuggles, and blankie fort

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