Book:Goddess of the Night

Lynne Ewing
Hyperion Books for Children / August 2000
Hardback / 304 pages
Daughters of the Moon Series, #1

All Vanessa Cleveland has ever wanted is to be like everyone else and be able to do normal things--like kiss gorgeous Michael Saratoga without disappearing right in front of him. But Vanessa is different, and having to hide her secret makes leading a normal life impossible.

Now Vanessa is being followed. She doesn't know who's doing it. But she knows why. Her secret has finally been discovered.

I picked this book up years ago because let's face it, the cover is way cool and I thought it was more to do with the Goddess.

What I liked the Most? The descriptions - clothing, hair, body - Ms Ewing is HIGHLY descriptive and it works with this series.

What I liked the Least? Ms Ewing's writing style takes some getting used to. The flow is a little odd at times.

Review:I liked the fact Vanessa is just a regular school girl - she is having problems with boys & friendships & detention. So what her & her girlfriend Catty have powers it doesn't mean anything to them, just one more thing to hide or at least that's what Vanessa thought. Until Serena starts hanging around. Now she needs to know - can she fight an evil that want to destroy hope - only a goddess would know the answer but this goddess doesn't. How can she fight the Atrox if she can't even tell her mom she has a power?

Recommended to:Young Adults 14/15+ the series has some sexual undertones that I personally find unnecessary for a younger audience.

Best Quote:"Goddess" She let the word linger in her mouth. She didn't feel divine. She had zits and cramps and worried about people liking her.

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