Summer Reading Challenge

Well I stumbled upon yet ANOTHER reading challenge over at J Kaye's this one is being hosted by Bookworm Jules and I had to sign up.

General concept - challenge yourself to read or reread some favorite books. Create a list and then read away - but you can't start til 6-21. This challenge is running from Midsummer to Autumn Equinox.

Click here for the rules and to sign up.

Personally I'm going to use it to reread some of my favorites.

Since I almost always revisit Mercedes Lackey's Valdemar during the summer & I need a few GLBT books,
1) Magic's Pawn - Mercedes Lackey
2) Magic's Promise - Mercedes Lackey
3) Magic's Price - Mercedes Lackey

And I have to reread the entire series before Divine Misdemeanors (2009).
4) A Kiss of Shadows
5) A Caress of Twilight
6) Seduced By Moonlight
7) A Stroke of Midnight
8) Mistral's Kiss
9) A Lick of Frost
10) Swallowing Darkness

Of course I hold the right to reevaluate this list at any point this summer.

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  1. Welcome to the challenge! Looking forward to your reviews! Good luck, happy reading!