Book: Defenders of the Scroll

Young Adult
iUniverse / 2008
Hard Back / 248 Pages

The snapping of a branch drew Alex’s attention back to the forest. A guttural growl followed as a pair of glowing yellow eyes appeared in the trees, and then another set appeared. Slowly, a large canine head pulled free from the darkness with a second head close by it. Both snarled at Alex, and only when they came a few paces farther, did Alex see that both heads shared the same body—a body as big as his own. “Now I know I’m dreaming,” he muttered. The chink of metal sounded as the dog’s chain was pulled back. Someone was holding it, someone big. As his huge legs came into view, Alex thought it was an ogre. Twice his height, it was certainly big enough to be one. The hairy creature wore animal-skin clothes and had an ugly, caveman-like face with two big fangs protruding from its lower jaw. When Alex saw that it too had two heads, he corrected himself. “Ettin. Crap.” “I’ll need a sword,” he said, and then he willed one to appear in his hand. This was a dream after all. But no sword magically sprang forth. Things began to feel far too real for Alex. Dream or not, they needed to get out of there. “Dara?” he checked. She had moved herself right behind him. “Yes, sir?” “Run!”

I picked this book up because Review Request

What I liked the Most? I really enjoyed the characters and found them to be very likable.

What I liked the Least? The cover - it was not something I would have picked up.

Review:First I must say it too forever for me to pick up this book. The cover just didn't do anything for me & it really did look like a boring bland book of nothing. But boy was I wrong. The story line & the characters make this a book that you can't put down. Once I started I flew through the book racing to the end.

Now that is not to say this book was without issues - you just overlook a little bit of "hey reader are you stupid" comments and a lot of "let me remind yous", to concentrate on actually reading the story. Its all good.

Recommended to: Young Adult Fantasy Fans

Best Quote:"Witch? I wish! Can you imagine how powerful I'd be if magic ran through my blood?"

Challenges: 100+

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