Purity in Death

JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 2002
Paperback / 320 Pages
Series In Death #15

Nora Roberts (writing as J. D. Robb) delivers the 15th installment in her continuing In Death series, featuring no-nonsense homicide detective Eve Dallas. As with each of these novels, Purity in Death offers a story line that is fresh and compelling but never loses touch with the core components that have made the series such a success: love, loyalty, and justice.
Purity in Death finds our heroine on an assignment that leaves her even more tormented by the past. When a deadly computer virus is unleashed on society's undesirables (namely, child abusers), it's up to Eve -- along with her astonishingly handsome husband, Roarke; her feisty aide, Peabody; e-geek McNab; and her mentor, Captain Feeny -- to discover the origins of the virus and shut down the clandestine vigilante group that created it before the next target is marked for execution.
Eve's task is complicated further as she grapples with her demons (as a child-abuse victim, it was a matter of survival that led Eve to kill her father) and squares off with Roarke, who does not regard the group's intentions as inherently bad. Once again, she must muddle through those gray areas of right and wrong as she seeks to "stand for the dead," and answer the question of whether the group is justified in its actions, or whether they simply represent a new breed of terrorist.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? ABSOLUTE PURITY ACHIEVED at the cost of tarnishing his pure nature - irony

What I liked the Least? I don’t understand how she can STILL be upset about the blue line & then cross it so frequently to get the information she needs

Review: While the story arc was a brilliant piece of work in and of itself, kudos must be giving to the character development overall – while I missed Mavis being a BIG part of this story, but LOVED the little cameo & the havoc that it played. Add Nadine’s “whine” about sound bites was PRICELESS. Then Jamie, (teenage tech wiz and future cop), adds another dimension to the story, it's funny to see Eve dealing with a teenager and her "family" as they work to solve another crime. It’s not just the mystery that draws you in…it’s the interest in people and their lives that keeps you coming back.

Recommended to: Fans of the series

Best Quote: "I don't smell any flowers. Guy ends up in the hospital, people are supposed to bring him some damn flowers."

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