Reunion in Death

Book: Reunion in Death

JD Robb
Romantic Suspense
Berkley / 2002
Paperback / 320 Pages
Series In Death #14
A birthday bash sets the scene for a frightening reunion with a killer from Eve Dallas's past
At exactly 7:30 p.m., Walter Pettibone arrived home to over a hundred friends and family shouting, surprise! It was his birthday. Although he had known about the planned event for weeks, the real surprise was yet to come. At 8:45 p.m., a woman with emerald eyes and red hair handed him a glass of champagne. One sip of birthday bubbly, and he was dead.
The woman's name is Julie Dockport. No one at the party knew who she was. But Detective Eve Dallas remembers her all too well. Eve was personally responsible for her incarceration nearly ten years ago. And now, let out on good behavior, she still has nothing but bad intentions. It appears she wants to meet Dallas again -- in a reunion neither will forget.

I picked this book up because Series

What I liked the Most? Nothing much

What I liked the Least? The book

Review: While these books take on a predictable form, the plots almost never fail to please. In this installment we get to know the lead players better, and there is always some degree of pleasure in their growth and development. The relationship studies between Eve and Roarke pose many questions about the solidarity of marriage and the care and feeding of one's partner; the troubled childhoods of our protagonists only add to the complexity of their pursuit of happiness. When it’s all added up – edgy, compelling stories; torrid romance and relationships; futuristic settings; and intense crime fighting: sounds like a great mystery book!

Recommended to: Fans of the series

Best Quote: Murder was work. Death was a serious chore for the killer, the victim, for the survivors. And for those who stood for the dead. Some went about the job devotedly, others carelessly.

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